Tuesday, April 25, 2023



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Doom said...

I can't be one. They would kill me too. However, there is this. When you know they are trying to kill you, by race, trying to live is... not actually extremism. It's... just survival. Imagine if the Nazis called the Jews who hid from the cattle cars, and troops sent in, in their ghettos, extremists. That's... about where we are at.

Just some thoughts, from someone who had half of his ancestors pretty much eliminated from his native country. It's not like they didn't try. My ancestors simply weren't capable of breeding well or fast enough to be able to front an army to defend itself, or even join together to resist with what it did have.

I guess whites are the new native Americans, and... it seems what happened once is going to happen again. I, possibly again, am choosing to be on the losing side. Even if hated by both sides, potentially. Oh well.