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Saturday, November 18, 2017

The Purpose of Mainstream Media is Thought Control and Suppression:

The average person living in the modern world today is bombarded with so much information on a daily basis, much of it conflicting, that he or she is likely to oscillate within a constant state of cognitive dissonance. Making sense of what’s true and what’s “fake” has basically become a full-time job, and people who already work full-time for a living and take care of their families simply don’t have the extra time necessary to make heads or tails of the increasingly complex reality in which we all live – hence why so many people simply accept whatever they’re told or what comes naturally to them. More>>>


The Chief Nose Wetter's Position on NFL Fans

The drunken little White boys in fat men's bodies need to sober up, grow up, shape up and fight for something real!

Am I a "White Supremacist?"

Al Franken Is Just The Beginning As The Curtain Is Pulled Back In Washington DC

For decades, Americans have known that very sick things happen behind the scenes in Washington D.C., but the mainstream media nearly really talks about any of it.
But now the curtain is starting to be pulled back, and the revelations about Al Franken are just the beginning.
Earlier this week, I wrote an article about how “sexual harassment is rampant in the halls of Congress”, and that was before a female radio anchor named LeeAnn Tweeden revealed that Al Franken had “forcibly kissed” and groped her during a USO tour in 2006.  Read More>>>

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Drug overdoses killed roughly 64,000 people in the United States last year, according to the government’s own account of nationwide drug deaths to cover all of 2016. The vast majority of those deaths are from opioid-based substances such as fentanyl, heroin, and prescription opioids. Now, a natural plant that is helping people kick their addictions to these dangerous opioids — kratom — is under attack by the FDA as it is threatening big pharma’s grip on the pain and addiction market.  Read More>>>


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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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European Traitor

History Of The Crypto Jewish Saudi Royal Family House Of Saud

Diversity is Destroying the Cohesion and Social Capital of Western Nations

The academic world is totally dedicated to the diversification of all White-created nations. The research effort, the collection of data, the preparation of surveys, the proposals for lucrative grants, the long string of mediocre articles and books regularly published, are overwhelmingly biased in favour of mass immigration. It is assumed among all academics that White "homogeneous communities" without a program of diversification are inherently "backward looking", "reactionary", "anti-democratic", devoid of "youth" and "energy", and out of touch with the "requirements" of the times.   Read More>>> 

It's OK to Be White

If you're white, I don't need to tell you that times are tough. From early childhood on, we're taught to feel guilty for the actions of our grandfathers, our great grandfathers, even our great, great, great grandfathers.
We're called racists and oppressors. We're accused of having something called "white privilege", despite the fact that non-whites are privileged in this country and they have been for decades through Affirmative Action, hiring quotas, lower test standards, welfare, food stamps, Section 8 housing, and much, much more.
We're told that race and gender are meaningless, that we're all the same, and yet we're constantly bashed, because of our race and gender.  Read More>>>

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Report: The FBI might finally investigate Planned Parenthood for selling aborted fetal body parts

According to a report from The Hill, the FBI has asked the Senate Judiciary Committee for documents related to its investigation of Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling fetal tissues and organs.
The report says the request was made in recent days. It comes after Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) referred Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers to the FBI last year following a lengthy investigation into the questionable practice.
The Senate’s investigation came after the Center for Medical Progress released numerous undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing the sell of aborted fetal body parts. CMP believed Planned Parenthood was turning a profit from the sales; Grassley’s committee concurred.   Read More>>>

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Millions of snails invade beach in St Petersburg, Florida

Jay-Z: ‘Jesus Is Fake News; Lucifer Is Way Of Truth And Light’

Holistic Doctors Dropping Like Flies, 77 Dead—Big Pharma, Big Conspiracy?

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