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Restoring yellow head lights with toothpaste! CRAZY!

Sea lion catches fishing boat and jumps on board

12 Charts Show Connection Between Roundup and Disease

Roundup is found in 75% of air and water samples.  Many farmers drench crops with Roundup right before harvest. About 100 millionpounds are applied to U.S. farms and lawns every year, according to the EPA.Monsanto claims that Roundup is totally safe, and can be dumped on everything without problem. Is it true?
In reality, Roundup is linked to a number of diseases. And the ingredients in Roundup are deadly to human cellsA study from the Journal of Organic Systems includes the following 12 charts which show the correlation between Roundup (technically known as “glyphosate”) and disease: 

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Admiral Richard E Byrd - Hollow Earth Video Interview

Michelle Obama and the Why of Ferguson, Missouri

It’s difficult to imagine a sadder state of affairs than political figures suggesting that any constituent group must adhere to a predetermined ideology without question, preaching that the flock should unquestionably follow a political party’s whims in lockstep.  We all know such a thing be an anathema among free-thinking people, don’t we? 
This is a trait of past civilizations that we often ridicule and lament, having the benefit of hindsight and the blessings of Western concepts of morality.  How, indeed, did Germans fall under the Nazi spell?  When, exactly, did the Khmer Rouge accept their roles as enforcers of party-line groupthink to the extent that they would murder their own countrymen for a lack of faith in the Communist regime?  At what moment did Mao’s subjects sacrifice their own right to human choice such that millions perished under the yoke of communalist agricultural revolution called the “Great Leap Forward?”
These are all enduring questions in our effort to dissect political dysfunction and the nature of humankind.  But I would offer this: we need not look at history.  Look at our current First Lady to see such methods of indoctrination at work.
Before this month’s election, Michelle Obama beseeched an audience to vote along party lines, “no matter who’s on the ballot.” “It’s not about that person on the ballot,” she said.  “It’s about you, and for most of the people we are talking to, a Democratic ticket is the clear ticket that we should be voting on regardless of who said what or did this, that shouldn’t even come into the equation.”
As the television audience to whom she directed these comments is primarily composed of blacks, we can safely infer that she meant blacks should think and act of one mind, and march to the polls and vote Democrat at her behest.  Or at the very least, the color of their skin alone should compel them to do so.  That is a suggestion that should be pretty ridiculous if you consider in most other contexts.

Ferguson On The Brink

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America's Response To Amnesty

Bacon To Go

Smoke'em If You Got'em

The Central Intelligence Agency, which profited from the crack cocaine epidemic it fueled in the 1980s, is behind hip-hop’s glamorization of drugs, according to former cocaine kingpin Rick Ross.
The reformed drug dealer, who was unaware his cocaine sources were connected to the CIA until an exposé by the late journalist Gary Webb, said the agency has weaponized mainstream hip-hop to influence America’s youth into pursuing drugs without fear of consequences.
“…They were the guys who were behind me when I was selling drugs,” Ross said of the CIA. “And now they’re behind hip-hop and rock ‘n’ roll.”
It’s been well documented that the CIA makes monstrous profits from the international drug trade, which likely funds many of its black operations.
For one thing, the trade of opium, which is used to produce heroin, was nearly extinct in Afghanistan prior to the 2001 U.S.-led invasion, but by 2006 the country’s opium trade had increased 3200% and was supplying 92% of the world’s supply.
“Under the interim government of Hamid Karzai, opium poppy cultivation once again began to skyrocket and opium markets were restored,” Kurt Nimmo wrote. “According to the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP), opium cultivation increased by 657 per cent in 2002 in relation to its 2001 level.”
“The UNDCP estimated 2002 opium poppy cultivation would cover an area between 45,000 and 65,000 hectares.”
In comparison, Afghan opium cultivation in 2001 only covered an estimated 7,606 hectares.

Obama Tells Himself It's Unconstitutional to Sign Executive Order on Amn...

Nothing Like The Smell Of Entitlements

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College Students Are Morons

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It Aint Holy Water

Navy Veteran Fired For Posting Photo on Facebook of Parked Police Cars

History of the World Part I - French Revolution

Mystery Solved