Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Foreign Troops Enter France

Agenda 21 In Action

Have Another Pork Chop

Well It Is Rutting Season

Getting Bombed

N.J. State Police Refuse to Rule Out Door-to-Door Disarmament

Breitbart News reports that the New Jersey State Police have “refused to rule out house-to-house enforcement of the state’s ‘high capacity’ magazine ban,” in correspondence from the Garden State’s law-enforcement agency to the news organization.
As of December 11, it is a fourth-degree felony in New Jersey to possess a “large capacity ammunition magazine,” which is defined as “a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm.”
Governor Phil Murphy signed a slate of gun-control measures into law in June, including the so-called large capacity ammunition magazine ban.
A story in Freebeacon reported that the new statute “gave New Jersey gun owners who currently possess the magazines in question 180 days to either surrender them, permanently modify them to only accept up to 10 rounds, or transfer them to somebody who is allowed to legally own them.” The grace period expired yesterday, December 10.  READ MORE>>>

Columbia student caught on video in racist tirade.

A Fly On The Wall

More Benefits Of Immigration

Everyone Likes To Screw With Me

And From The French Front Lines

British Humor

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Apple CEO Tim Cook in George Orwell's 1984

Breaking: Inside a Black Panther Training Camp

Meow Baby

The Latest Border Update

Looking Like a Desk In Detention

This Has Got To Be a Joke

The Liberal View

Suggest Away

It Aint Holy Water

French Fried

What Has Replaced The Bald Eagle

My Recommendation

Monday, December 10, 2018

Deborah Tavares California Fires, Directed Energy Weapons, & the Globa...

More Liberal Logic

Going Out In Style

Nuff Said

Happy Holidays

Our Favorite Nitwit

Miss Universe Flashback

In case anyone has forgotten it was Trump who allowed trannys in the Miss Universe Pageant. Maybe we better check Melania's running gear?

Click HERE for the details.

Transpocalypse Update

The odds-on favorite to win the 2018 Miss Universe is a transgendered Spaniard, who said she would use her victory as a platform to educate others about the transgender community. Angela Ponce, who was born a male, is a 6/1 pick to win the contest, being held on Dec. 16 in Bangkok, Thailand.  Full Story>>>

Snowflake Meltdown

Like Real Estate, It Is All About The Location

Holy Cow

My Idea of School Safety

As Americans Go Back To Work


Night Ops

Saturday, December 8, 2018

I'm Sorry The Position Has Been Filled

I Remember All of Your Sacrifices

Should Have Brought a Glock

Global Warming Pinned On Kid Who Keeps Leaving The Front Door Wide Open While The Heater Is On

GRANTS PASS, OR—Scientists have finally discovered the primary cause of global warming: local kid Oliver Paulson, who left the front door wide open dozens of times while the heater was on this past weekend.
Every time the boy runs inside from playing, he leaves the front door open, and it looks like we're all going to pay the price from his carelessness.
"Are we heating the whole neighborhood!?" his father bellowed Saturday afternoon after Paulson dashed inside. Little did his dad know that they were actually heating not only the whole neighborhood, but also the entire world. "Someone around here must have stock in the gas company!" he added, but to no avail. The damage had been done.
Climate scientists estimate the globe will be in turmoil within a few short years, all because little Oliver was apparently "born in a barn."
Experts warned that it may be too late to reverse the damage, but suggested that kids "close the dang door" anyway just in case we can all still be saved from our fiery fate.  SOURCE

History Repeats Itself


Birds And The Bees

I Can't Call It

Join The Mile High Club

Friday, December 7, 2018

Evening Chuckle

Thank God

Way To Go Bro


Remembering NWO-Advocate George H. W. Bush

Heckler gets kicked in his chest by comedian!

Topless Snowboarding at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, Canada

France has Fractured into 3 Factions

The invisible hard-working class of people living on minimum wages and voting mostly for Marine Le Pen is finally on the move and the government is in shock because this never happened before in recent history.

France is fragmented into 3 groups: The elites praising globalism and liberalism. The Legal and illegal migrants living mostly from the nanny state (and making lots of kids to get more money) and finally the invisible majority of hard-working people funding the lifestyle of the two other parasitic groups.

Nothing has changed since the revolution...

We live in one of the poorest regions: no jobs, all industries closed. People here live with 1,100 Euros a month. Our neighbour, an 85-years-old retired policeman gets 800 Euros/mth pension so increasing the cost of diesel is like a death sentence.  FULL STORY>>>




Thursday, December 6, 2018

Global Enslavement


Vintage Toy Flashback