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Failing Your B&E 101 Class

Stay Away From The Oven In That House

Mrs. Loco

Nothing Like a Nice Fall Day In The Hood

James Woods and Robert De Niro Fight Over Trump

Most Likely English

Nuff Said

A New Day In The U.S.

Mr. Willie - BAM!

I Can't Call It

Attention Libtards: Jump For Trump

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Aunt Ethel

A Glimpse At What Has Been Taken From Us All

The Modern Slave


The G Spot


Sunday Brunch

The Tunnel Of Love

How The Poles Handle Immigrants

Morning Coffee

Sign Of The Times

Politics Today

Sunday Survey

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Friday, September 21, 2018

All You Fuckers Go To Bed

I'd Buy One In a Heartbeat

Nuff Said

California Shit Hole


Fly The Friendly Skies

Firefighters' Hose Pulled Into Fire Whirl in Canada

The Reds Are On The March Again In Jersey

The new state law banning smoking at New Jersey beaches and parks won't take effect until January, but some lawmakers are already pushing for the concept to go farther to more outdoor public places. 

It took 12 years from the time New Jersey banned smoking in restaurants and bars to extend that prohibition to beaches. But just two months later, a push is on to include the boardwalks and many other recreational spots.  Read More>>> 

Keep Up The Good Work

Looks Fishy To Me

Only In Florida

Another Reason To Scrap The NFL

Update On Texas Father and Son Accused of Fatally Shooting Neighbor in Trash Dispute

Bird Brain

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