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Late Night Strangeness

Police Officers savagely beaten in brutal attack in South London, Croydon.

Who Will Defend The Republic?

Socialists Are Stealing Elections And Destroying The Republic

We call Democrats liberals (bleeding hearts is a total fallacy, they bleed for no one), and progressives…another euphemistic term as though they are moving toward progress.  Progress into what… an oligarchy or totalitarianism with complete subservience to the state? They used these ambiguous terms and many others in order to appeal to the ignorant. Back when this started had they called themselves Marxists, which is what they truly are, it may have gotten them shot or hung.
Marxist doesn’t fully define them today.  I would call them Leninists or Stalinists because the violence and oppression they are pushing for is right along the lines of Stalin’s purges and Lenin’s “Red Terror.”  MORE>>>

Brits Always Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Strict New Gun Laws Has "Assault Rifles" Flying Off The Shelves In The G...

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Like My Last Girlfriend

All Aboard

The Only Flotus With Jock Itch

Morning Commute

Rise & Shine

I Am Good To Go

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The Law Of Attraction

The Next Day After Dining At McDonald's

Let Me Get This Straight

ADHD as a Scientific Barbarism

ADHD has spawned a scientific barbarism. Children are seized by Children's Aid from families who don't want their child drugged. Children suffering from drug side effects are locked up for 28 days in psychiatric centers for children - a concentration camp for kids and often those kids are denied their rightful advocates.
Schools get up to $28,000 in grants for an ADHD child. The child may get extra time to complete tests. Parents get tax write-offs for an ADHD child. The list goes on to entrap families.

Knowledge of this scientific barbarism could put an end to the drugging of children  READ MORE>>>.

Celine NuNuNu World Order

PG&E Admits Starting California Wildfires! Important Info for...

Retired Hospital Worker Gives Explosive ‘Flu Shot Speech’ Before CDC Adv...

Insane Democrat Congressman Threatens To Nuke 2A Supporters



Morning Epiphany



The Red Menace

Sunday Sarcasm

Move To France Then

Sunday Health Tip

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bacon Abuse

A McDonald’s employee in South Carolina was reportedly charged with assault after physically attacking her manager with crispy bacon.  FULL STORY>>> 

Can't Win These Days

In Time It Will Kill The Host

Two-headed deer: Hunter makes disturbing kill

 A hunter’s unbelievable two-headed catch has gone viral as people can’t help but do a double take when they see the bizarre photos.
Bob Long had no idea he was stalking such a rare beast when he took aim in Ballard County, northern Kentucky, on Sunday. All he could see were a set of massive antlers.
It was only when he approached his kill that he realized just how unique it was. Long had shot a buck deer that appeared to have two heads with entwined antlers.   Full Story>>> 

Paradise aftermath raw footage Part 1

CA Fire Footage

Nice To See there Are Still Rebels Out There

And We Grew Up With PEZ Dispensers

For Sure

Will Definitely Help You With Stayin' Alive

Morning Chuckle

The Corporate World

Relax & Sink Right In

When a Newscaster Speaks

Friday, November 16, 2018

FL Recount Update

The Democratic vote recount....

The Republican vote recount.....

California Compliant

Don't Let Them Flu You

Flu season is upon us again — the time of year when the steady message is "Have you gotten your flu shot yet?" Considering the many studies showing flu vaccines offer minimal protection against illness even when well-matched to circulating viral strains, the fact that vaccination continues to be touted as your first line of defense against influenza suggests this annual campaign is more about generating conformity for profit rather than actually improving and protecting public health.  Read More>>>

Stirring The Racial Pot

Brown Shirt Chimp Out

A FL Vote Re-counter In Action

Sorry Sir The Position Has Ben Filled

ADRENOCHROME The Elite’s Super Drug

What is Adrenochrome?

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