Thursday, June 13, 2024

Breaking Hearts In Florida


So where do I begin? Last weekend I was not feeling quite right with fatigue and chest discomfort. It was not getting any better by Monday and a little voice in my head said go to the hospital now. I was not in severe pain just discomfort, but I listened to that voice. Anyone believe in divine intervention? So I drove south to Jupiter Medical Center and into the ER. I advised the gal behind the desk that I was having chest pain and discomfort. They performed an EKG on me and then whammo! The nurses were ripping my clothes off and tossing me on a gurney. Hell, I thought it was the early 80's at the Jersey shore all over again. Leggett's Sand Bar or the Osprey anyone? Right into the operating room I go. The doctors go to work and insert a stent in a major rear artery of my heart. I survived the operation and was moved to ICU. There was a 99% blockage in that artery which was torn as well, and I suffered a major heart attack. If I did not come in when I did I would have been dead within hours the doctor told me. Spent 3 days in the hospital  and came home yesterday. Feeling good and healing up. On a plethora of meds now. Dealing with Walgreens almost gave me a second heart attack. Laying low for now but will be back in the future. The man upstairs was not ready for me yet. Guess he has more work for me to do. Stay well everyone.

The Chief Nose Wetter

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Marjorie DID NOT hold back with this reporter!

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