Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Climate Communism



Anonymous said...

French farmers are next up for that scenario to comply with the EU cow fart mandate. The French .gov just issued an edict to surrender all firearms with no penalty and French citizens are reportedly surrendering them. Just like the Dutch, how are the French farmers going to oppose the tyrannical takeover of their farms with nothing to fight an armed government with?

I'm wondering if France's middle eastern illegal aliens are surrendering theirs.


Henk Vandenbergh said...

Yep. I'm a Dutchman in Colorado.
The EU is killing small countries.
- farming is killing the planet.
- growing food is killing the planet.
- building houses is killing the planet.
- heating homes is killing the planet.
EU: But here are an other hundred thousand 'refugees' who you have to feed, keep warm and house.

Anonymous said...

The main difference now is that Stalin & Mao did it for thier own whims, and not for the whims of an unelectic world body known as WEF
that's makes the Dutch deecision even worse.

Anonymous said...

You can add Kim Il Sung (the first "supreme" leader of N. Korea) to the list of communists who seized farms from the people.