Wednesday, August 10, 2022

To Your Health My Friends


After a few double vodkas I decided to throw this out there. This is not medical advice since I am not a doctor, but I do have a PhD in mixology which has merit in it's own right. I follow this protocol daily as part of my own routine.

I load up my nebulizer with 4 parts distilled water and one part food grade hydrogen peroxide.I have a pre-mix in the fridge of about 8oz.

I recommend food grade hydrogen peroxide which is chemical and stabilizer free.

3% solution is what I use. 

The nebulizer creates a fine mist which I breath in about a half dozen times and hold each for about 3 seconds. A nebulizer can be bought on Amazon for about $40 and hydrogen peroxide is available at health food stores and also on-line. In 2020 I had a respiratory flu which lasted about 10 days. I have not had the sniffles or been sick since. Again this is not medical advice, it is just what I do. 

Time for a fresh cocktail!

Stay healthy my friends!


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Doom said...

Interesting. If I can remember this long enough to get through two more paydays, or three, I'll... try this. Don't hate me, I am trying lots of things! Stay broke, my friend. If you don't, they'll just take it, either directly or through inflation. Oh, and, cheers!

Joe D said...

Why not just use Vodka?

Anonymous said...

good info, I will try it.
be aware H2=2 is no longer recommended for wound care as it kill good bacteri as well as bad .............

Anonymous said...

I have all the tools but I thought about doing a similar solution in the tank of my cpap.

Nicus said...

I've been using a similar protocol for about a year now. I started with 1.5% (equal parts saline solution and 3% peroxide). But switched to straight 3% for simplicity. Shouldn't use higher concentration than 3% though. Straight water will work as a diluent but some people find that this stings a little. Using saline solution solves this. Also, some people find straight 3% stings a little, so back off to 1.5% if this is an issue. I'm retired and don't venture out much, but I use it when returning home from a trip to town. Sometimes the day after as well if feel like I was in a high risk situation like a crowded store with poor ventilation.

A good treatment of all this as it relates to Covid, from someone who is a doctor, is in the little e-book "Rapid Virus Recovery" by Dr. Thomas E. Levy. It can be downloaded free here: