Sunday, April 18, 2021

Sheeple Herd Mentality

World Record


Tru Dat


Pass The Ketchup


The Cough19 Lockdown Has Taken It's Toll


Good Boy


Stuck On Stupid


Truth Bomb


This Just In


Hot Rod


Biden On Nazi Fags

Look At What Is Happening In McAllen, Texas

Look At What Is Happening In McAllen, Texas Part 2

Everybody Is Moving To Florida


Presidential Briefing


Chinese Sellouts


Imagine That


Here We Go Again


Saturday, April 17, 2021

Well it's Off To Happy Hour

Nuff Said


Biden's Weekly Rant

I'd Say So


Morning Chuckle


Don't Get Pricked


Tend To The Garden


Let's Keep Our Doctors Working


No Blood Clotting Here....Keep Moving


Escape The Madness


So Who Is Ready For 5G?


No Vax Side Effects Here....Keep Scrolling


Fauci Refuses To Be Tested Because He Has No Symptoms

Creepy Old Joe Biden Meme

Trash Them All


This Just In


The Libtard Says....




Truth Bomb


I'd Say The Latter


Enjoy a Little Weekend Shopping


Friday, April 16, 2021

The Hot New Hearse In NJ

One Smile Is Worth a 1000 Words


Joe Biden Speech About Klutin

Maddie's Story

Just Sayin'


Don't Miss Out


Finance 101


Breaking News....






Time For Your Jab?




Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Red Menace


No J&J Vax Side Effects Here...Keep Scrolling


The Hunter Biden Fund


Courageous High School Student SHUTS DOWN Woke Teacher

We Are Not Going Back To Normal, This Is The New World Order!

This Went Really Wrong

Joe Biden wants you to forget this....

Wahoo For Everyone!

No Tips Accepted


Non-Compliant Van Gogh


Sign of The Times


Lunch Is On Me


Now It's Our Turn


This Just In


Riot Season Already?