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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Grand Canyon Flyover

Zombie Plague Sweeps America: Video Proof!

Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

What Happens When The Wise Ones Are Gone?

After decades of government handouts and the brainwashing and indoctrination of our children in the public school system, the younger generation does not possess the same point of reference on the principles of liberty as do those of us in our 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80's. There are only a few tens of thousands who remember the trials of the Great Depression and many of us were young children or infants during the Second World War. Still, the nanny state had not yet intruded into our daily lives, as it has recently.

Every single human being develops beliefs and opinions based on their accumulated experiences and knowledge and other influences from a variety of sources, gleaned over the years of their current lifetime. Sometimes those beliefs and opinions evolve into new beliefs as they accumulate new information. Sometimes they become firm and fixed no matter what new information comes their way. As a general rule, our political beliefs are heavily influenced by what our parents believe and the actions they took or are now taking, in furtherance of those beliefs.  FULL STORY

After Listening To Politicians?

NJ Police State Update

FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP — Drivers who enter the Freehold Raceway Mall should know an eye in the sky is upon them.
Freehold Township has used a $285,000 grant from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness to install license plate readers on the mall’s entrance roads in order to enhance security at the regional shopping destination.
The Township Committee authorized the acceptance of the grant in 2010 and officials said the funds would provide for continued safety and security in the township in conjunction with the mall.
The license plate readers are attached to a metal arm that hangs over the mall’s entrance roads. There are entrances from Route 9, Route 537 and Business Route 33.
According to a 2010 article regarding the grant, when a vehicle passes a license plate reader, its license plate will automatically be scanned by the machine and sent to a central computer.
A “hit” on certain license plates could elicit a response from law enforcement authorities.


Hell Of a Bar Code

Friday, November 29, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Be Thankful

Ate Too Much Turkey Today

The Scarecrow

Joe Talk 100's Dog Shot

WHDH-TV 7News Boston

The Drink For Husbands


It's been a tough year for the liberal cable news outlets.
Data released Tuesday show CNN shedding 48 percent of total viewers since last November and MSNBC dropping 45 percent.
The numbers were even worse in the all important demographic of people aged 25 to 54 as CNN's ratings dropped 59 percent and MSNBC's 52 percent

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32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison

If you live in the United States, you live in a high tech surveillance grid that is becoming more oppressive with each passing day. In America today, the control freaks that run things are completely obsessed with watching, tracking, monitoring and recording virtually everything that we do. If we continue on the path that we are currently on, we will be heading into a future where there will be absolutely no privacy of any kind. In fact, many would argue that we are essentially there already. Many people speak of this as being the “Information Age“, but most Americans don’t really stop and think about what that really means. Most of the information that is considered to be so “valuable” is actually about all of us. Businesses want to know as much about all of us as possible so that they can sell us stuff. Government officials want to know as much about all of us as possible so that they can make sure that we are not doing anything that they don’t like. There is a constant hunger for even more information, and so the surveillance technologies just continue to become even more advanced and the Big Brother control grid being constructed all around us just continues to become even more pervasive. Even though you may not be consciously aware of it, the truth is that it is surrounding you right now even as you read this. We live in a society where liberty and freedom are literally being strangled to death, but most Americans don’t seem to care.
Do you know who else gets watched, tracked and monitored 24 hours a day?
Prisoners do. FULL STORY

Blue Balls?

It Happens

Happy Thanksgiving

It Aint Holy Water

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diet Coke Night Cap

Thought For Today

"A slave is one who waits for someone else to free him." -- Rosellen Brown

Spinning Ice Show

Talk About A Mud Pack

Damn Errorists

Guaranteed To Ruin Your Lunch

NJ Police State Update

Drivers could possibly be pulled over for snacking, smoking or putting on make-up behind the wheel under a bill that has been advanced in the New Jersey Assembly.
The proposed law would fine drivers found to “engage in any activity unrelated to the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that interferes with the safe operation of the vehicle.”
The bill advanced by a 12-0 vote Monday in the Assembly's transportation committee. It does not spell out which activities would and would not be considered distracted driving, instead leaving that determination up to police. FULL STORY

F2 For A Kit Kat?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cop Faces Charges For Making Black Man ‘Dance Like a Chimp’

A Gross Pointe Park, Michigan police officer has admitted he recorded humiliating videos of a black, mentally challenged man.
Police have declined to identify the officer, but he has been removed from duty and faces disciplinary charges next week. The officer reportedly told 55-year-old Detroit man Michael Scipio to sing songs and “dance like a chimp” as his actions were recorded with a cell phone.
“An officer has stepped forward to take responsibility and has been removed from duty pending the conclusion of an investigation,” said Gross Pointe Park spokesman Greg Bowens to CBS Detroit.


Now That's Catching a Quickie


Don't Forget Your Flu Shot

Break Out The Bug Spray

Space.....The Final Frontier

Thought Of The Day

"On the day when you again allow abominable men to confiscate your freedom, your money, your lives, your private property, your manhood and your sacred honor, in the name of"security' or"national emergency' you will die, and never again shall you be free. If plotters again destroy your Republic, they will do it by your greedy and ignorant assent, by your disregard of your neighbors' rights, by your apathy and your stupidity. We were brought to the brink of universal death and darkness because we had become that most contemptible of people -- an angerless one. Keep alive and vivid all your righteous anger against traitors, against those who would abrogate your Constitution, against those who would lead you to wars with false slogans and cunning appeals to your patriotism." -- Taylor Caldwell,"The Devil's Advocate"(1952) -- pgs. 332 -- 338

Better Check The Chef For a STD

Purse Snatcher Surprise

Monday, November 25, 2013

Job Market Remains Tight

Knockout Game Denied

Let Them

Frisco Thanksgiving Cake Favorite

A Real Shit Storm

I Guess There Is No Need For EZ Pass with These Things

It's Monday Morning....Start Howling


Play Ball

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Never Pick On The Fat Man

Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan: Armed Citizens Desperately Needed

Typhoon Haiyan did not just bring destruction and tragedy in the Philippines. It also brought with it a total collapse of law and order and civil structures. As expected through past experience in Hurricane Katrina and other natural calamities, the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan created chaos and disorder among survivors who were desperate for food and water. It also brought about opportunism, criminality, looting and stealing, amonst those who simply wanted to take advantage of the situation. No police were available in the week after the Typhoon hit the City of Tacloban, Leyte: among 300 or so police only 20 reported for duty, as most we also victimized by the Typhoon, dead or injured, or abandoned their posts. The slow response by the government, both local and national, to quell the rioting and looting resulted in numerous shops and stores ranscaked and their goods stolen. Upscale homes were not spared as marauders broke in and beat up the owners, raped their women, and took away whatever they could. About 600 Local prisoners who had escaped from a prison and local insurgents foraging for food, compounded the problem. MORE HERE

Is Obama and The Banker Establishment Falling From Power?

I can say there is no dull moment with Obama’s tenure in office. He is making enemies even on his own side in certain circles. His conduct while President is alienating the people who supported him. Even some of his former useful idiots are stating to have second thoughts. After President Barrack Obama has been given a second term as President for 4 more years He has really shown his true colors being an authoritarian posing a threat to all Americans.
President Obama approval numbers are at an all time low at 37 percent. He tried to send us to war with Syria the American people are opposed to. The roll out of Obamacare has been a disaster. People who have good Health Insurance policies lost their coverage after Obama lied saying they would not lose their healthcare plans. I know people are not signing up for the exchanges on in mass. I know tens of millions of people will not buy over priced health insurance that gives substandard healthcare. If the choice comes between an individual providing for the family or expensive government mandated healthcare with premiums the can exceed their own salary. They will choose the family over Obamacare almost every time.
I sense a major backlash is coming. I do not see the US Military doing his bidding. No matter how many Officers he purges from the Military. The Armed Forces are awake and aware of the oath breaking Obama administration. FULL STORY

Think Again Folks


Sunday Riser

I Think I Will Stick With A Ham This Year

Fall Clean Up

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Media Brainwashing

To Protect And Serve

That Will Leave A Mark

Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination

50 Years Later

Mayhem In Dallas

True Bliss

Feeling Safer Yet?

Birth Control

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK: A Conspiracy Theory

Rob Ford Remix

Friday Chuckles

Yea That Sounds About Right

JFK Flashback

Move The F*ck Over Peace Frog


America Is The Loneliest Country In The World ?

Of all the nations on the entire planet, the United States is the most lonely place to be. We have the highest percentage of one person households on the entire globe, and the average size of our households has been steadily decreasing. Studies have shown that the number of close friends that Americans have is falling, and we have the highest divorce rate in the world by a wide margin. So why is this happening? Does this have anything to do with the fact that America is abandoning the traditional family structure? Back in the 1960s, the “sexual revolution” fundamentally changed the way that millions of Americans viewed sex and love. By throwing out all of the old boundaries, many Americans believed that they would ultimately be able to have more sex and more love. Today, this manifests itself in a ”hookup culture” that is constantly being promoted as “healthy” in our popular music, in our television shows and in our movies. But instead of this “hookup culture” resulting in more sex and more love, most Americans are discovering that it leads to just the opposite. We have become a nation of desperately lonely people that have very few real ties to others. MORE

Shoplifter Knocked Out For Stealing


Thursday, November 21, 2013

It Aint Holy Water

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