Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Nuff Said



hjets said...

I'm 77 years old. Things I seem to remember way back when I was in school that the powers that be don't seem to understand. The entire continents of Europe and North America used to be covered in ice. No people, no industry, no cars and trucks at that time but for some "magical" reason all that freaking ice melted. We keep hearing that carbon dioxide is bad for the planet. Seems to me I remember that plants need carbon dioxide to live and in turn they give off oxygen. I also seem to realize that all the emissions protocols that country has placed on all of our lives all goes away in the fist 5 seconds of a volcanic eruption.

Doom said...

Your concern regarding climate change is vastly exaggerated. :p

I mean, it will change. But... really? We are ants, relatively, on a bullet that was shot into space, deformed and heated by extreme solar activity, hurtling through space at speeds which should terrify you, controlled by forces of gravity and other, which are beyond comprehension.

Of all the worldly and cosmic things I worry about, the weather doesn't even make the top ten thousand.

Oh, I'll give you a better one. The moon is moving away from the earth an inch a year. At... some point? We lose it. The results will be... catastrophic one way or the other, and quick or quicker.

Science says we are a long way off. Science, though, doesn't seem to know crap about shineola. And, even that is... around... the thousandth down the line.

So, don't worry! Besides, like it or not, we probably won't even get to see something "cool" before we just die of something stupid and painful, that we devised ourselves. So... cheer up, Chief! :)