Sunday, May 2, 2021



riverrider said...

misleading video, or not enough investigation....that lumber is already sold and awaiting delivery to wholesalers/retailers. the logistics problem is in the transport sector. not enough trucks/train cars and not enough drivers/conductors. many are sitting it out on covid cash, more have just quit and gone to other jobs. the trucking industry has been strangled by high costs/low profits/bureaucracy for over a decade.

Doom said...

Maybe what he said, though... I have no doubts prices are being determined not by markets by by dictat. If they don't want single family dwellings built? Make it too expensive. And that is exactly what they are doing. But, yea, this video is just comic relief. That isn't a part of the problem. Probably. But, who knows. The bastards are pretty public with their tyranny these days. Sloppy Joe is just to stupid to realize what is coming, eventually. Or just to old and mentally loose to care?

I hope they treat him as all tyrants should be treated. I doubt it. But who knows. May, if it happens, I live to see it.

oldvet1950 said...

I wasn't an economics major, but economics 101 taught me about supply and demand and elasticity of demand. Where I live, a simple 2x4, not PT but framing white wood, is $8. Not many DIYers will be kicking off projects just yet. That lumber is not moving out of the local stores very fast, so it has to be stored somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Plus the north american trucking sector had too as if january 1 verify their drivers have no drug or alcohol offenses. Prior to that it was easy for a driver to hide those previous convictions. 60000 drivers got dumped when thr verification database went live. Thats s hugr drop in drivers.

Anonymous said...

“I stumbled on this yesterday”.
You have never been there before?
You were unaware of its existence until yesterday?
How can you conclude that the amount of lumber present is more or less than at any other time?
How can you make any reasonable assessment of the rate that lumber is currently entering or leaving the yard, or how that rate compares to any other time?
Given the amount of bare ground visible it is possible to stack much more lumber while retaining room for passage. It is as likely that the volume present today is less than average as it is that it is above average.
Yes, lumber and all wood products (and steel and plastics and glass and roofing and insulation) have increased dramatically in price and vary in price and availability from day to day at these higher prices. Many other things have as well (food, fuel, appliances), though maybe not in the same degree. (We have not seen the extent of the inflation to come.)
Mills report reopening and full production and the final products are being bought and used. I haven’t heard of anyone hoarding building materials, it all appears to be used. Lumber futures remain up though are now fluctuating a little up and down at these higher rates.
The rate of building will slow as the current need (and perceived need) is satisfied, and probably to a point below seasonal or yearly averages. No one knows when or for how long. I’m guessing we won’t see an autumn surge this year. Prices and volume will respond accordingly.