Tuesday, May 4, 2021

I Can't Call It



Anonymous said...

This is where it all began.

The real rates of lung cancer and heart disease in smoking and non-smoking populations is virtually identical (no it’s not good for you, yes it is a risk factor) because, as they’ve known for decades, both are mainly caused by a familial propensity and/or exposure to a specific virus. This is exactly why they had to invent the mythical second-hand smoking issue to explain why non-smokers get cancer/heart-disease at exactly the same rates as smokers. (If you do not have a familial history of either. If you have not been exposed to e.g. Coxsackie B. Your risks of either are minimal. In fact smokers show a significant decrease in rates of environmental caused cancers due to increased mucocilliary clearance, and tend towards getting cancers … only after they stop smoking. Fact! Rates of 'smoking related disease' are not measured but 'calculated' based on made up numbers to fit the narrative - sound familiar, covid anyone?)

But … you all fell for the big lie (smoking kills). They told you and, because you didn’t smoke, you believed them. Because it didn’t affect you you cheered on the vilification, the banning, the restrictions and massive taxation and even arrests.

Then they moved on. They cheerful gloat about using “the tobacco template” to vilify, restrict, tax and criminalise everything else they don’t like. They know the bulk of the population will cheerfully accept blatant lies, restriction of freedoms and arrests because … you already have done for decades.

I don’t care if they close/drive out of business bars and pubs and other venues … because I was already barred from them for years. I don’t care if they restrict public spaces because ... I was already restricted from them.

Rabbi Niem√∂ller said it best, you’re on your own because I just don’t care.

MMinWA said...

Above spewed, "The real rates of lung cancer and heart disease in smoking and non-smoking populations is virtually identical."

Really? Smoking cigarets makes you up to 30 times!! more likely to get lung cancer. Simply saying it's "a risk factor" is bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Ah, Karen, spewing is obviously something you’re a subject expert on. I have >30 years working in oncology, you … read some propaganda put out by the anti-smoking lobby (who, hint, only get paid if they can persuade you smoking causes every disease from alopecia to zits).

I’ll give you an example. The lobby has portrayed, and still does, smoking a pipe as the only and ultimate – a ‘guaranteed’ way to contract mouth cancer. Except ‘actual research’ shows that the old adage that pipe-smokers have an ‘oral fixation’ turns out to be true. Pipe smokers are “significantly more likely to give oral pleasure to their sexual partners” and … thus massively more likely to contract an oral infection with HPV (Human Papillomavirus) which … causes mouth cancer.

I’ll reiterate. If you have a familial history, and/or get exposed to certain specific virus’s then smoking ‘will’ increase the chances of you getting cancer (but even then, being individuals, it is not a guarantee. Amazingly, statistically, whilst eating carrots also increases your risk at about the same rate as smoking, having a pet bird massively increases it). “30 times” is nothing more than hyped and manipulated … lies.

But you ignore the facts. Keep coughing as soon as you even see a ‘cigarette’ a hundred yards away. Feel ‘superior’ for not smoking, and blame imaginary effects (smoke travelling through walls to ‘target’ you) when you are diagnosed at the same rate. Be a good drone. Or is it that you work in ‘the industry’ and get paid to believe your own BS?