Wednesday, April 7, 2021

We Can All Agree



Anonymous said...

I didn't serve my country for 3+ years to have a bunch of multi-millionaire, so called, athletes disrespect our flag, our national anthem, our country, our people, and my brothers in arms. It is a whole line of brothers going back to 1776 who allowed these ingrates to pursue their happiness, while a lot of my brothers died to preserve a system that allows them to compete at the highest level of their chosen sport and pays them a lot of money to do it.

At no other job in this country would the owners and managers of a company allow this take a knee disrespect for our country to take place at their workplace.

Not only that, but blacks in this country don't believe that Black Lives Matter. If they did, they wouldn't be killing each other AND THEIR CHILDREN at the rate that they have for decades.

No, this isn't a gun problem. It's a black community problem.

No other ethnic community ON THE PLANET, kills their own at the rate that blacks kill each other. Until they fix that problem they don't deserve the respect that their race hustlers clamor for on a daily basis.

Who in the black community or member of ANY sports team or ANY OF THE RACE HUSTLERS is condemning the murder and mayhem visited on the black community by members of their own demographic? None of them that's who. They'd rather blame white people for all of their problems when 99% of their problems are visited on them by members of their own community.

...and Mark Cuban? Just another billionaire jerk who doesn't give a shit about you, me or the black athlete's that work for him, nor does he give a shit about the black community. The only thing Mark Cuban is interested in is his bottom line, which is being impacted by the fans who have STOPPED WATCHING sports across the country because of the political stance taken by the players and the leagues displaying rampant anti USA behavior and messaging on their courts, uniforms and fields.

I'm DONE WITH SPORTS. Have been since that never was Colon jerk started kneeling during the national anthem. Fook these ingrates. I hope they starve.

Now, just to add insult to injury, these MLB dimbulbs want to put MORE political crap into their entertainment product by siding with the woke mob against a state's right of self determination that the media, the Usurper in chief and every other Demonrat is lying about? Not to mention they've taken $10 million out of a predominately BLACK community's economy?

Smooth move exlax. Talk to me again after you stop shitting all over people's right to vote when YOUR OWN ORGANIZATION requires ID to pick up tickets at the box office will call kiosk.


clayusmcret said...

Pro sports - Fornicate thyself. I'll vote democrat again before I waste a moment on you....and I ain't never voting democrat again.

Anonymous said...

No other job?
How about any job in entertainment? Because that is what pro sports ball has become. It is theatrics and drama no less than some spoiled wench in Hollyweird. Maybe now everyone can see pro sports as what it is.

The owners and some amount of the players don't care; what is happening now is a continuation of the theatrics. That the plot has turned this way is not a problem, it is still on with the show.

Honestly, paper cut outs to fill the beachers? Just more no-name extras (aka, 'fans') worthy of a Cecil B. de Mille movie.

Whores, the lot of them. You'd do better to go watch a neighborhood pick-up game.

willford said...

THEY ALL can just KISS MY (REDNECK) or (REBEL) ASS! "K.M.R.A. all-day every-day"!