Saturday, April 3, 2021

It DOES Alter Your Genetic Material?


Well, we finally have an admission that the COVID shots alter your genetic material. Many who said this “vaccine” (which is actually not a vaccine, but a gene therapy) alters the DNA of whomever it’s injected into have been silenced and censored. But now, the creator of Russia’s COVID-19 Sputnik V said this shot can be altered using new “gene technology” to make it effective against the so-called variants.

All they have to do now is continue to panic the public over new variants and the slaves will willingly roll up their sleeves to have their genetic material altered. Again, this is just one piece of their agenda, but this “vaccine” is proving to be vital in their totalitarian enslavement of humanity.  READ MORE>>>> 


Henk Vandenbergh said...

Can this fix the stupidity gene?
I'd love to give that to sheeple though I know democrats will fight me on that.

Anonymous said...

..."the sheeple will roll up their sleeves"... only some them.