Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Imagine That



Drew458 said...

no kidding. could be because anything remotely flu-ish is diagnosed as Covid, could be because the number of flu assay tests has decreased to almost nothing. But gov and MSM will beat it into your head that it's face diapers and social distancing that's responsible. Meanwhile covid "cases" soar, because a)evil mutation variants, and b)not enough masking and social distancing.

Tired of being played for a sucka yet?

Joe D said...

LOL.The morons that be attribute this phenomenon to:"Mask wearing, social distancing has cut seasonal flu hospitalizations by two-thirds" Yet they insist we all wear masks and social distance to save everyone from Covid when it would appear as if it only saves you from the flu.If that ain't comedy then I don't know what is. This is why lying your ass off never works.

Zombiedawg said...

But the reak kicker is ghe "Build back better" slogan, the response to the Covid scamdemic. The problem is that the slogan was implemented before the "outbreak" even happened.