Monday, March 29, 2021

New York Rolls Out ‘Excelsior Pass’ Vaccination Passport


The Excelsior Pass in New York is the first-of-its-kind vaccination passport that people will be required to have if they want to attend any large-scale events or entertainment venues, so if you thought this was about the COVID virus, you would be quite mistaken.    FULL STORY>>>>



Anonymous said...

People need to tell them to go pound sand and do not comply.

loadedforbear said...

Mandating everyone have this on their cell phone is ok.

But asking to see a photo ID to vote is an injustice of the highest magnitude?

Got it.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Chief;

I wonder if they will force those that don't get the vaccine to wear some kind of identifying mark on their clothing so the people that are vaccinated would know who to avoid for "Safety's sake", you know it is "for the "the Children and the good of society". There is something about this in history ....but I can't remember(sarc)

rickn8or said...

loadedforbear, how long before some entrepreneurs start selling fake passports for those phones?

Why go to the trouble of putting it on phones when you can just demand the people get a tattoo on their forehead or right hand?

Alan said...

This is taking attention away from Cuomo's sexual harrassment claims, isn't it.

bogsidebunny said...

I don't have a cellphone, so I guess I'll have to get that forehead tat.