Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Just Like Most Republicans Nowadays....Blue



bogsidebunny said...

Appears there's only a one party government now: The Deep State

Doom said...

Unlike republicans, I love this stuff. When I used to drink, trying to save from drinking it all at once was more of a test than I could handle. Funny thing, as soon as I gave up drinking, I realized I was no longer republican. Well, the party was no longer my party? Take your pick. Then again, I realize now, it never was. Neither party has ever represented me.

Tsquared said...

Johnny Walker Blue

I was a commo contractor for the warriors that didn't exist in a camp that didn't exist inside the Army base in Mosul Iraq after 2000 and before 2010. Rules were different inside this Camp as we had a bar with a 2 drink limit, at $3 a drink, on the honor system. The bar's name was Al AckBar. I was the only person in that camp that drank scotch. After my shift I would have two 12 ounce tumblers and leave my $6 in the kitty and would tip $4. For $70 a week I was drinking $400 worth of booze every week. They kept the bar stocked with Johnny Walker Blue in half gallon bottles. They also had VSOP Cognac, a variety of European beer (most popular), and Gentleman Jack. They also had a very well stocked humidor with mostly Cuban and Honduran cigars at market value. It was a high stress environment and they had other stress relievers that would visit on a regular basis. I saw somebody get a Johnny Blue and coke. A $300 a bottle booze mixed with coke? Somebody got laid that night.

This was a great gig except that they kept me on a short leash and everything happened at night. I was the "midnight meal" chef making omelets, bacon, and grits from midnight to 1 am. If I wanted to go off their reservation I got an escort even though we stayed inside the wire on a regular Army base. It was easier to go for a ride with the guys going outside the wire into Mosul. I only saw one guy in a military uniform the 6 months I was there and that was rare. We were all on a fist name only basis or nick name. I was called Satcom guy.