Saturday, March 27, 2021

Fact or Fiction?


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Magson said...

But.... Astra is "stars" in Latin, and Zeneca, well...

""Zeneca" was an invented name created by the branding consultancy Interbrand. Interbrand had been instructed to find a name which began with a letter from either the top or bottom of the alphabet and was phonetically memorable, of no more than three syllables and did not have an offensive meaning in any language."

"Joy" in English = "fuck" in Khmer. Dona is "lady" in Spanish, but it's "hell" in Khmer.

I met an Indian lady named Deepa Ashit back in the 90's. I reset the password of a Mona Dikshit a few times when I did tech support for a multi-national company. Also knew a guy named Sal Shitole. Grew up with a neighbor lady whose maiden name was Dammitz. Roommate dated a Turkish girl name Damit.

You can always find words from other languages that mean whatever you want them to. But sometimes it's just too much a stretch, like in this case.