Sunday, February 28, 2021

Never Water Down The Whisky


Sheeple In Training

The Real Virus


Make This Go Viral


This Just In


Truth Bomb


The Virus Has Mutated


Welcome To East Berlin


Morning Chuckle


Attention Snowflakes


Banana Head


Just Plain Wrong


Fact or Fiction?


Safety Before Freedom


Saturday, February 27, 2021

Climate Change or Weather Modification?

Huge Highway Pile Up

Buy Them All Joe


Saturday Epiphany


This Just In


The Struggle Is Real




Let's Have Some Fun


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The Chief Nose Wetter

Back When The News Was Trustworthy


How Many of You Old Farts Remember Reading This Every Day


The Biden Administration Targets Syria Again


Culture In Decay


All Rise


End Racism


OSHA Approved


Second Down And a Short Life


Usually After I Get Back From The Bar

Now That's How You Raise a Kid

The Chinese Wuhan Breed






Nuff Said


Friday, February 26, 2021

Blatant Racism


Don't Forget To Get Your Covid Shot Now





I changed the setting on this blog for the comments. You will need to be a follower to leave a comment moving forward. Hopefully this will deter the fucking trolls hiding in the digital weeds. We will see. 

Stuck on Stupid - Jersey Edition


Salt Creek

The Cancel Culture Year In Review


Snowflakes Drink Free


Just Walk Away From The Maskers



Finally Some Common Sense


Trust The Anal Experts


So What Will Your Personal Choice Be?


Escape The Madness

Where's My Money Joe?

Potato Heads


A Sniff of Red


Sign of The Times


Trust The Science


Thursday, February 25, 2021

More Boeing Engine Problems?

The Joe & Jill Biden Commemerative Toy Set

I'm Confused


Joe Biden's Nominee gets GRILLED by Rand Paul

Rep. Greene hangs sign in answer to transgender flag set by a Democrat

"Be More White" | Austin Forman |



The Liberal Mind


Just Some Crappy Music


House Arrest

The Red Menace


Tiger Woods New Sponsor