Wednesday, September 30, 2020

To The Choppa!


Joe Biden Steals Speech - Johnny Carson 1987

If Joe Biden Made a U.N. appearance.

Chris Wallace Carried Joe Biden Through The Whole Debate.

Wallace Sucks

Trump Owns Biden at Debate

Joe Wired Last Night?


The Morning After

I think President Trump did a fine job debating Chris Wallace last night.

If anyone knows who the old confused stumble bum was please let me know!

Protect Yourself


And That's When Judge Barrett Grabbed Me By My Pussy


This Just In


Democrats Admitting Masks Are For Political Theatre


Dumb As a Rock


Puppet Prep


Truth Bomb


History Flashback




Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Escape The Madness


Tru Dat



BLM Hypocrisy


Good Afternoon From Frisco


"We Came From China Where Communism Doesn't Work."

"Are You Voting For Joe Biden?"

Truth Bomb


Sign of The Times


I Survived Mad Dog 2020 Once I Can Do It Again


They Damn Sure Do




Morning Quiz


Monday, September 28, 2020

The Official Snack of Antifa


It's a Jungle Out There




Like Everything These Days


Trash Day


Lola Will Tickle Your Ivories

Escape The Madness


Sign of The Times


Dem Fellas

Biden Unscripted

Guard Those Ballots


Foreplay In Soviet Russia


The Newly Formed BLM Marching Band


Hat Tip To Our Heroes In Blue

Bakersfield PD Tackle Domestic Terrorist

More Than 90% Of California Fires Are Man Made

Once Again


You Betcha


But Mostly Peaceful


Cry Me a River


Sunday, September 27, 2020

We Know


This Just In


Two Hundred Million People Will Die!!

Gettysburg Ghosts

RBG Autopsy Released


When Liberals See Entitlements


Just To Clarify Things


Prior Fear Porn Flashback


One Powerful Psychotic


Antifa Starter Kit


Say What


Enjoying Retirement


Blue Lives Matter


The Only Vaccination Needed


Sunday Epiphany