Friday, July 31, 2020

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NFL 2020

I Can't Call It

Defund The Police Idiocracy

Jeremy Elliott Talks Covid

Damn the Corona!

Battered Up

Cough 19 Update

Snitch Nation

Girls & Their Toys

Friday Lunch Special

The Summer of Love Rolls On

When Liberals See Entitlements

More Dumbassery

Like All of You


Korean Roulette?

The Red Menace

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

How Things Are Done Down Here In Florida (Parody)

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Ocala, Florida has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.  FULL STORY>>>

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Trying To Get To The Bar In The Good Old Days


People Are Getting Desperate For a Buck During This Crisis

Go Green

Predictive Programming Back In 2003

Two Africans Jump Out of a Roof Rack After UK Family Arrives Home From V...

Biden Finally Found a Running Mate

Better Luck Next Time

The Red Menace


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Who Doesn't Like Fossil Fuels?

How To Spot a Communist

Jerry Nadler Was Involved In a Car Accident.


Smoke'em If You Got'em

That's Some Genuine Black Ice Right There

If I Only Had a Roof Rack

Feeling Chipper

When Liberals See Entitlements

The Peaceful Protester

Me Too

Safety First

Good Girl

Monday, July 27, 2020

That Was Cruel Daddy


One Broken Browser

About The Only Person You Can Trust Nowadays

Target Releases Statement To BLM




Somebody better call.....

The Summer of Love Continues

Vote For Joe Or You Ain’t

What a Year Huh?

That's How You Do It

The Red Menace

The Sot of The House

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