Sunday, May 31, 2020

CNN Draws Largest Crowd In Years

Satanism 101? Melinda Gates Wears Upside Down Cross in Interview

Get Woke People

Stay Cool & Enjoy a Cold Popsicle

National Guard Enforcing Martial Law

Shop Owner Takes Back His Business in Rochester

So Who Transported & Instructed All The Useful Indiots?

Sunday Shopping

Just Askin'

As The Police Horses Begin To Riot As Well

Hat tip to Skip

Mash and the Coronavirus

George Floyd Worked With Officer That Killed Him

LAPD Car Set On Fire In George Floyd Riots

The White Guy's Riot

NYPD Officers Drive Through Crowd

New York's Finest Have Had Enough

Lucky Doug


Heads Are Gonna Roll

Morning Epiphany

Archery is stabbing with social distance

Sheeple of The New Norm

Late Night Looting Update

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Nuff Said

This Crap Is So Bad It Kept Me Away Without Onions

The Floyd Protests To End All Protests

Riot Special: When The World Is Running Down

Riot Update

Dallas Protests Set Up For Mayhem With A Mysterious Pallet of Bricks

Oakland Raiders Get a Mini Bulldozer

Protesters Break Into Mercedes Dealership

Rioters Loot Mall In Atlanta

MN Mayor Calls Out Agent Provocateurs

On Target

50 Years Later

Protester Knocks Cop Out

Police Shoot Rubber Bullets At News Reporters

Carl Klang - Why The Banksters Keep Us Dumb

The Struggle Is Real

An Improvement

The Virus Has Mutated

Unleash The Race War

Jive Turkey

We Know

A Tale of Two Bills

Friday, May 29, 2020

Puppetmaster Or Not?

Visit Minneapolis Now

George Floyd/ Derek Chauvin Knew Each Other

Anyone Out There Want To Verify This If Possible?

Hang Up On Both

Good Job Keep Your Eyes On The Road

NYPD in New York City fighting protesters

Anyone Have Some Salt For That Pepper?

Fort Apache Minneapolis

For All My Friends Trapped in New York

That Shit Kills Everything

Suspicious Man Breaks Window & Starts Minneapolis Riots

So This Is Fine?

Can't We Have Any Fun These Days

Friday Breakfast

Thursday, May 28, 2020

As All The Snowflakes Wave The White Flag

Bill Gates Son Speaks Out


The Real Estate Market By Year's End

Then vs Now

Safe Spaces Are Not Included

Hat Tip To The Essential Workers

The Life of a Locked Down Pupper

National Guard at The Police Station in Minneapolis

Grocery Shopping In Minneapolis

It Will Be a Shit Show For Sure

Man Say It Ain't So

Joe-Vid19 Dementia Update

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

MUST SEE: Game Changing Face Mask

The New Normal With James Corbett

Target Being Looted In Minneapolis

Spacex Insider Footage

You Ain't Black If You Never Had This For Breakfast

The Dem's Wearhouse - Tailored for Traitors

When Protests Mattered

Initial Test Trial on a Cough19 Vax Appears Promising

Sign of The Times

Jaws 8 Is Being Filmed I Guess

The U.S. Military is reporting to FEMA

Police Retreat During Minneapolis Riot

Buy Him a Drink On Me

As Driving Instructors Social Distance

Walmart Chimp Out

Master Blaster Became a Deputy

Nah It's Like Riding a Bike

British For Sure