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Help Support My Bartenders

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mardi Gras Fun

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skybill said...

Hi Chief!!!!,
"Carnivale!!!!!" is in "Full Swing here!! The last week and now the Parades, Splendor, "BEADS!!!" and Merriment is going on!!! "Ain't nobody dropped dead yet from the "Corona Virus!!!... Would like to add, along withe "CORONA!!!!" there has been a lot of BEER!! that has been "CONSUMED!!" The only Mardi Gras "Fatalities to date have been two peeople who tried to do the "Limbo" under a Parade Float!!!' No Viruses involved!!
PS would like to say that there has been a lot of physical anatomy exposed in the process and ain't nobody dead yet!!! except for those two mentioned earlier!!
PPS Caught a gazillion Beads at da' Parades!! 'Ya want any?? I got enough to start an "ENDEMION" scale extravaganza!!!
PPPS 'Live just north of the lake.. "Hammond" where the I-12 and I-55 intersect!! Bring yer' pickup truck!!
PPPPS, Hang around a while... "Crawfish" are in Full Season!! At a lot of places.. already prepared boiled, and seasoned... $2.35 a pound for 10 or more... get 20 lb good for 4 people!! i can knock off 5 lbs easy if I ain't had no lunch!!!!