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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Celebrating The Last Day of Black History Month

Wow Who Would Of Thought

Britian's Got Talen The Sexyest Show Moving boobs

Hat tip to Paul!

Safe Sex For Muslims

Afternoon Epiphany

If we can survive an infectious disease like this......

Then this will definitely not be a problem.....


Baltimore Maryland is currently under mandatory quarantine by the CDC.

Not because of the Coronavirus but due to it being a shit hole overall.


And From The DNC Cafeteria

Finally We Are Seeing Progress

Here We Go Again

Stay Away From The Hot Dogs

Sign of The Times

The Current State of the Democratic Party

Man released from CDC quarantine shows flu-like symptoms on live TV

Friday, February 28, 2020

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Predictive Programming From The Simpsons

The 2020 World Tour

A Couple Logs Were Dropped

Bill O'Reilly Remix

Celebrating Black History Month


The Line At Chinese Restaurants These Days

Coronavirus Update

Afternoon Chuckle

Parental Rights Are Under Attack In Public Schools

Whatever happened to parents’ rights when it comes to their children in public schools?
In states such as California, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, 16 to drive a car, 21 to buy a gun, alcohol, or pot. But – if you want to change your gender? You just have to be 12. Twelve. And the LGBT allies at your local public school are happy to help.
Hey girls, need an abortion? Get an excused absence without calling home. Hey boys, thinking about starting hormone treatments? Your parents will never find out. At least, not under the policy the California Teachers Association (CTA) is pushing.  FULL STORY>>>

Weird But True

Hat tip to Mikey

We Are There

Damn Everything Is Contagious These Days

Our Struggle Was Real

Why Not Both?

America Hell Yea

Not Gonna Happen

Nuff Said

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Rocks For Brains

After Dinner Deep Sea Porn

Special Post For All The Leg Men

Celebrating Black History Month

Ash Wednesday Is Today

Putting Food On The Table

The Struggle Continues

We Will See

Bodycam Captures Moment Utah Cop is Shot During Police Shootout

Robot Hillary Malfunction

Enjoy Your Vacation

The New Buttigieg Campaign Slogan

I Can't Call It

Jesus Take The Wheel

By George

Sign of The Times