Tuesday, October 20, 2020

KAMALA: The Early Years


Lola Astanova - Moment Musicaux No. 4

Trump Sopranos

Biden Lid

Bidens China Love

Its a Myth - Rep Jerry Nadler

Antifa sets Pro-Police billboard ablaze



Where All The Banana'd 2x4s Come From At Lowes


My Kind of Protest


Pass Me a Drumstick


For Real


Monday, October 19, 2020

Stranger In a Strange Land


Do you feel odd, different or strange? Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole? Do you wonder if you even belong in current-day human society?

You know the whole coronavirus deal is a hoax, but everyone in your neighborhood is wearing a mask, looking like extras from a bondage movie.

You know Black Lives Matter is a violent, terrorist organization, but your employer just signed a statement of solidarity with them and they want you to attend "diversity training." They say it's "voluntary," but you know exactly what will happen if you don't go.

You know Hollywood is nothing more than a collection of homosexual leading men, washed up old hags, and shameless young whores on their way to becoming washed-up old hags, but you're forced to listen incessantly to your co-workers gush about their celebrity crushes.

Welcome to the world of the awake. Not the phony woke world of the Social Justice Warrior, perpetuated by Communist academia and the fake news media, but the real world.  A world visible to you; a world you alone are able to decipher as if you were wearing X-ray glasses that no one else possessed. A world invisible to everyone else.  FULL STORY >>>

Trump Supporter Spits Chiclets



Jeffrey Toobin nooooooo!!! Not during the zoom call!

Mao Say Dumb






Verified By Snopes


My Kind of Social Distancing


Man Dangles On Trump Tower Demanding To Speak To The President

The Captain's Lunch Special


For That Extra Covid Cash You Need


Morning Thought


The Cycle Is Almost Complete


Antifa Storms Sunday Diners

It's All About The Money


That Will Leave a Mark




Sunday, October 18, 2020

Any Dumplings Out There?




Trust Science


Hunter Biden Taking Out His Dad's Campaign

Deep State Favorite


Back To The Drawing Board


Karen Is Triggered

Antifa Mass Arrests in Seattle

Not For Dems


Escape The Madness


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Sign of The Times


Nuff Said


Saturday, October 17, 2020

Antifa in Seattle



When You Look In The Mirror After Voting For a Democrat


Sign of The Times


Suspect Throws Torch into Seattle Police Car With an Officer inside

Morning Epiphany


The White Liberal


How Kamala Grocery Shops


That First Morning Piss After a Long Night of Sex


Who Would of Guessed


RBG Must of Dropped It


November 3rd


From The Highlight Reel


Trick or Treat?


Dirty Harry vs Tarantula

Latest New York Times Climate Fraud



The Eyes Have It


What Fake News Is Trying To Sell At The Expense Of Our Men In Blue


Coming Like a Freight Train


Friday, October 16, 2020

One in a Million

You Sure Did!


Tru Dat


One Good Use For Politicians

Keep On Dancing Mr President

Refusing To Wear a Mask In The Italian Senate

Fick Dich


The Head Sniffer

"Protesters" Chain Eviction Court Doors Shut

The Brits Are Growing Balls

Antifa Burns Police Car With Officers Inside

California Karen Is Triggered

Morning Epiphany


Morning Commute


I Can't Call It


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Friday Breakfast


The Hunter Biden Show