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Thursday, October 31, 2019

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Monday, October 28, 2019

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Questioning The Official Historical Narrative

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Lately everyone down here in Florida has been raving about these Aldi supermarkets. I thought what the hell, I will give them a look. So I parked my car and headed to grab a cart and do some shopping. Then I notice this:

The carts are locked and you have to put a frickin' quarter in to unlock one. I said to myself WTF is this deal. I decided whether to leave this store or put up with this bullshit. I reached in my pocket and found a quarter to insert and unlock the device. I am surprised the employees do not have to wear ankle bracelets at this German concentration camp. Well Aldi is a German store chain and the Germans have a history of locking things up efficiently. Well let me hit the aisles and I hope I am not walking into the Holocaust 2.0.

All of the food is packed out in it's shipping carboard boxes to save time and money. Now I know how the Russians felt shopping at the Communist state stores. It had a cheap warehouse feel and many no name generic products. The prices were cheap but so were many of the goods. Achtung Baby. I picked up a few items and tossed them in the cart.

The gal was nice behind the register and rang me up. She put the groceries back in the cart with no bagging. I said: do you folks have bags? I am not an octopus honey. She pointed to a rack next to the reister where you can buy eco friendly bags for a buck but you have to bag the groceries yourself. Sorry I didn't study tree hugging 101.

So all these poor people bag their groceries after ringing everything up at the exit to the store. I said fuck, let me just get the fuck out of Stalingrad. I wheeled the cart to my truck with my cheeses and chicken jiggling in the hot Florida sun. Luckily I had a canvas bag to but the stuff in my SUV. Leaving the cart in the middle of a parking space I chuckled. The Chief Nose Wetter will spread some good will with a free cart for the next unfortunate shopper. The quarter was worth its weight in entertainment value. I will not return, Germans should stick with what they know. Possibly Zyklon B but definitely not groceries.....

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