Saturday, August 17, 2019

Someone Is Ready For a Red Flag Visit


RHT447 said...

OK. I will admit I hadn't thought of that.

Doom said...

Wow! They have vastly Americanized Russian roulette! I no longer play, but I would definitely watch, especially if armed bureaucrats are involved. "Let's go, Rumba, poppa needs warm fuzzies!" Half for Comey, half for Handler. Next!

capt fast said...

tried something similar to that with an RC truck. only works once though. as the character in a film said, "my only regret is that I can only kill you once".
many sheriffs departments have a policy on the "red flag" raids in place already. every red flag raid is going to be a SWAT full breach raid. Possibly something the politicians didn't anticipate is going to be kind of backlash they will get from the raidee.
Sun Tzu stated that one should never go to war unless one has overwhelming odds in your own favor. but Rambo the character it better, "I'm gonna give you a war you won't forget".
As for me, I look forward to the first legal test in court of the constitutionality of the red flag laws in the context of "shall make no law". the word "shall" is unambiguous in its legal meaning unlike the terms "could" or "may". the second amendment leaves no wriggle room for "special circumstances". Should the courts say "yes, but..." please see the second paragraph.