Thursday, June 20, 2019

So Where The Hell Are We Now?

Donald Trump was anti-vaccine, yet the vaccine laws are in place harder than ever. Trump knew common core was bad and wanted to change it, and nothing has been done about it. Now we have teachers telling boys to get sex changes and have to watch the little abused sex slave Desmond is amazing in drag. The Marxist left accelerated everything under Trump and he has not been able, or willing, to stop any of it. We are sitting in a worse place than ever. In my opinion he is a neutered puppet. Even Howdy Doody had a wooden dick. I am totally disgusted with it all these days.  


cannon said...

welcome to the edge.
examine history and present day events and ask yourself "where are we going, if history is any guide?"
then ask yourself "what do they call doing the same thing over and over expecting different results?"
if you do not come to the understanding that "there is no government like no government"... then see above.

welcome to the edge

Sarthurk said...

I think you're totally wrong. He may have had different opinions in the past. Didn't you? I think he's on a Constitutional tack, and cannot lose if he stays the course.

TRIB said...

Hard get things done when fighting both parties of morons. I has been 2 1/2 years hime against the socialist. The worst thing to happen is for the home front to quit and go home. that is how the socialist plan to win because they know Americans give up to fast. Hang in there and support the cause. Get real Senators and Hrs elected.

bogsidebunny said...

See, Hillary would have done way better. You duffises who voted for Trump were suckered.

Anonymous said...

So, you'd rather have Hitlery driving the USS America? or maybe Bernie or any one of the two dozen present Demonrat candidates? R U SERIOUS?

Not to mention that he's done a pretty remarkable job in the face of almost overwhelming opposition from both parties AND while (not single handedly) fighting of a coup by the deep state.