Thursday, June 27, 2019

Pink antifa gets a beat down with a helmet by a calm guy.


bogsidebunny said...

Give that man a helmet and he'll beat the crap out of a few Commies. Give that man an AR-15 and he'll clear the area of all life forms.

capt fast said...

how is the lad supposed to know if he is hitting a woman? is beating down a gender confused/conflicted/obsessed person who is behaving as if they were a member of the opposite sex the same as beating down a woman or a man? or is there special rules involved.
OTGH,I believe the lad should begin with a forty six inch hardwood riot control baton and leave the helmet on his head to protect himself from the back stabbing antifa kids with the sock full of bicycle locks. Generally speaking and being well trained and practiced with the riot control baton, it will generally leave fewer marks on body and look more professionally utilized than say a baseball bat or helmet while defending oneself from an attacker.
not as efficient as a butt stroke with an M-14, but it would do.