Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More spoofs to con people into demanding gun control

TAP – This is yet another false event.  The programme to demand gun control in America proceeds apace, requiring endless media ‘events’ to broadcast worldwide.  The world government requires total subservience of all human beings.  None are to be allowed to bear arms.  This is just the latest spoof to hit our screens.  One gunshot and the cameras stop rolling instantly.  Why?  The supposed gunman was a former reporter of the TV station.  Did it come across as a real event?  The TV discussion by the colleagues of the supposed dead from the incident was, as per usual, curiously lacking any real emotion.  Not remotely real.  As for the supposed perpetrator, he’s dead and unavailable as in all false flags – either an actor who will resurface in another role or a patsy, used and disposed of.

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