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Monday, October 20, 2014

Could Ebola Be A Hoax?

Behind every phony pandemic, there are a number of agendas in play.
In this case, the Globalist heavy hitters, who are dedicated to managing the planet, view things this way:
***Use a crisis to build a larger structure than previously existed.
As in: one global healthcare system. All-encompassing.
The propaganda? “We can’t defeat Ebola unless all nations form one system that allows prevention and quarantine and immediate treatment anywhere on Earth.”
In that sense, Ebola is the occasion for adding wings to the system.
Ditto for every so-called epidemic.
“Well, we faced down and ultimately defeated virus X. But at great cost of life. Now we have to build better bridges between the healthcare systems of nations—and finally, we need one great Dispensary that adjudicates where drugs and vaccines go, who is quarantined, which borders are sealed off, at any point on the globe.”
We’re talking about a very high-level op here.

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