Tuesday, October 23, 2012

New World Order Education: Useful Engines in the “One World Schoolhouse”

He’s a really useful engine, you know
All the other engines they’ll tell you so
He huffs and puffs and whistles
Rushing to and fro
He’s the really useful engine we adore[1]
A Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded online education service seeks to introduce and control a one-size-fits-all worldwide school curriculum. The strategy aptly fits alongside historically persistent schemes to further restructure education en route to an internationally-based technocratic order.
A seemingly benign and playful lyric from the overwhelmingly popular toddler’s animation Thomas the Tank Engine captures the modus operandi and consequence of American public education over the past century. Like the child subjected to years of compulsory schooling, Thomas is an entity devoid of meaningful social agency and reduced to demonstrating his overall worth by being “useful” in Sir Topham Hatt’s enterprise.


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