Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Pretty Darn Deep


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Anonymous said...

Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman wrote a E-memo more or less pointing blame at Trump for the DC Anti-FA Co-opted issues.

Ms. McDaniel, in case you are not aware, a growing number US Voters on both sides see what is happening in Washington DC and in Congress as a Political Coup to silence Trump and his supporters. Many feel it is in order to cover their questionable and even Anti-US subversive activities.

As many have pointed out to me. There is just too much video evidence of Voter Fraud, Voter Machine Tampering, and questionable "suitcase found" ballots to be overlooked.

So for whatever reason(s) the DC types are pulling this stunt, it is not going over well with a very large percentage of the voters.

BTW: we are starting to see more and more "IMPEACH DC, NOT TRUMP" signs, bumper stickers and tags all over.

So with Congressional poll ratings already double digits below Trump this poses a serious issues that must be addressed, if there is be faith in our Federal Government.