Thursday, January 14, 2021

Appears Sketchy To Me



Bob said...

Really bad shop job there. And what would be the point of this pic?

bogsidebunny said...

It's Jim Jordan R-Rep from Ohio....One of the VERY FEW remaining good guys.

michael loehrer said...

Not certain I appreciate this. There's no truth to this speculation. He's one of the good guys.

Cactiki said...

Agree with other comments.

MMinAR said...

You spewed, "One of the VERY FEW remaining good guys."

Ever see old Jim questioning those evil big tech CEOs? Wow he really lights into them doesn't he? And what exactly has come of this? Not a fucking thing.

Hmmmm, old Jim's campaign has been taking moolah from google since 2012 and last year took $20K. He said he was glad to see them expressing their 1st Amendment rights.

I wrote him asking how would he feel if NAMBLA or PPA kicked in $20K. No response.

Good guy my ass.