Friday, January 15, 2021

A Broward County Nurse Speaks

It's a Miracle


Nuff Said


Truth Bomb


Cow Pies


Thursday, January 14, 2021

A man is almost struck by lightning strike in Minduri, Brazil

The Joe Biden Inauguration Shuttle


More Predictive Programming

Appears Sketchy To Me


Taken For Sure


Not Happening On This Blog


Be Your Own Man


Sign of The Times


The Elites Depopulate The United States

F Book


The Red Menace


Keep Scrolling....No Hypocrisy Here




That Smell


A Flashback To My Youth


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Driving Miss Crazy


A U.S. Military Soldier Speaks

Snowflakes Will Never Know The Pain


Comrade Covergirl


The Latest From The Loon


It should now be clear, even to the brainless multitude of sheep, that the far left liberal Democrats could care less about getting the country and economy back on track, and will spend countless hours and huge amounts of taxpayer money in the next four years, just like the last four, trying to punish Trump and his 70 something million supporters. These psychopaths are calling for everything from making lists identifying Republicans and Trump supporters so they can be denied employment, holding office and teaching, to one deranged Democrat calling for Republicans to be banned from flying. They’re calling for censorship, resignations,expulsion and disbarment of Republicans merely because they backed Trump on questioning the validity of the election. So in a nutshell, anyone who questions them or doesn’t agree with them has no 1st amendment right to free speech/expression or any other rights guaranteed under the Constitution and needs to be demonized, ostracized and labeled as anarchists and insurrectionists. They are trampling on the Constitution, Bill of Rights and everything else that has made this country great, they want anyone who doesn’t concur with their vision or plans for the future of our country censored and silenced. If they aren’t stopped, if we allow this to happen, unless something is done, and quickly, this will become a third world socialist, bordering on communist, country whose citizens live without freedom and under subjection and despair. And the many that served this great nation, the many who gave their life and limb to defend these United States of America, will have done so for naught.

So Sarrie


Asleep & Braindead


Pretty Darn Deep


Summing Up Security At The Capitol


At It Again I See


And Today's Winning Covid Numbers Are...


Stay Healthy My Friends


Morning Epiphany


He Would Make Dracula Blush


CNN Goes Full Orwell


Safety First


Snitch Nation 2021


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Mobilize The Heavy Artillery


What D.C. was REALLY Like for 99.9%

Chuck Schumer Gets His Ass Handed To Him

A DC Curfew Is Now In Effect

History Goes Round & Round


Truth Bomb




15 Million Visitors


I just passed 15 million page views. I am humbled by the amount of people who visit this site. Have you had enough or are you hungry for more? Nevermind, I know the answer.

The Chief Nose Wetter

Ignorance Really Is Bliss


The Garbage Can Useless Idiots In NYC


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Taken For Sure




How To Scare a Soy Boy


Man Things Are Getting Confusing


Monday, January 11, 2021

The Joe & Jill Biden Commemerative Toy Set

Hog Tie Those Swamp Rats


From The Man With No Friends


In Case You Were Asleep


Antifa Member ADMITS TO Being Paid

Lt General Thomas McInerney

Monday Bounce Break


Now Recruiting


Antifa Mob In San Diego

National Guard At Alabama Truck Stop

Surviving The Flak


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