Monday, November 23, 2020

The Loon


I know I just sent one yesterday but too much bull shit going on and getting angrier and can't let people become complacent. If too soon, hold it.

So it's getting more serious:
Looks like one of the first real shots against our personal freedoms comes from the very city where our Declaration of Independence and original Constitution were written and signed, Philadelphia!
The new restrictions for Philadelphia effective Nov 20, 2020 - Jan 1, 2021 include two that are disturbing at best;

No indoor gatherings (public or private)
No visiting between households
Because; "Many medical experts have pointed to smaller gatherings, like inside homes and around kitchen tables, as prime spreading events because of a lack of mask wearing and proper social distancing."
So what's on the table now is, restrictions on and the monitoring of;  who's allowed access to, number persons allowed and types of activities allowed in your own home, basically restricting your personal freedoms.
Also included;
No indoor dining, and
Outdoor dining (4 household members only).
So if you're a family of 5 or more, I guess the parents are forced into a "Sophie's Choice" and must choose between which child eats and which is left behind.
There are also numerous states considering mandatory curfews, most of them 10pm to 5 or 6 am. I guess there's some scientific or medical evidence linking covid to vampirism and it's most deadly during the hours of darkness.
Ok that's enough from me.  But I feel the need to keep reiterating that this country and our way of life stand at a serious juncture and we can't go quietly into the night.


Anonymous said...

I do have some concerns about the requirement that we must wear bleach-infused tampons in both nostrils. Seems rather excessive to me. Plus it makes my voice sound funny.

Anonymous said...

You can always move here with us in Idaho. Most of Cali has moved here in the last three years.

jsfury said...

It is a serious thing when we as Free Americans are bulled by our own government. A government "Of The People. By The People. And For The People." Where did we go wrong. Easy. We are too complacent to stop those who would see us enslaved and subjugated. We are afraid to loss all our "STUFF" we think gives us our freedom. Our Founding Father's were afraid too, and many gave up everything to secure their children's freedom. Now some 244 years later, we are on the precipice of losing the most beautiful experiment our Founders gave us with their blood. Do you know what's really sad. We don't even know their names. The commoner that took up arms against the mightiest empire at the time. Who froze at Valley Forge yet still pressed on in the name of freedom. Nobody even teaches this in our public schools. It's "passé". How sad.

CuteGuy said...

You should be concerned about Cali moving to your home.
Look at Colo and Ut.

Frank Fisher said...

Now that’s a infection you need to worry about!

Emanon said...

No one should just bow down to this unconstitional BS.

1OftheMmajority said...

Now we are beginning to learn that our elections have been rigged for quite some time. Do you think that might be one of the core reasons for where we are today. This has to change! We better demand it be exposed and corrected.