Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Big Chill II


Thursday was an off day for me waiting on my new fridge and dishwasher. I emptied the fridge into a large cooler waiting on the delivery. Seemed strange to me putting food in a cooler, I have been loading them with beer my entire adult life. I guess change is good. The delivery was scheduled for between 11:30am and 3:30pm. Well the truck pulls up at 4pm. Not bad for Amerika 2020. Off the truck comes the fridge and I am waiting for the dishwasher. Nothing else is being taken off the truck. Yo man do you have a dishwasher for me too I asked? No mon just the fridge. WTF happened I said. He gets on his phone and then calls Lowes and I am told it is backordered. Now my head is about to explode because when I bought both items I was told they were available for immediate delivery. The two Jamaican dudes were cool and installed the fridge. One of the guys was wearing sneakers making 16 stops a day delivering heavy appliances. That is absolutely crazy. I said what's with the sneakers mon? You don't have a warrant out on you preparing for a quick getaway do you? I told him I would not give him up, everything was cool. Then I thanked and gave them a $20 tip towards a pair of work boots. Tomorrow morning I will deal with the dishwasher and Lowes.

Friday mornng its off to Lowes I go. Entering the appliance dept I find a dude named Tony and said,  I got a problem that I need you to resolve because the customer service at Lowes is the Lowest. No I know where the name for the store came from. He asked for my receipt and began checking. He apologized and said basically they fucked up and the dishwasher never made the truck. Is it in stock I asked? Yea we have 11 in stock in the back. Then why did your delivery man tell me it was backordered? Crickets. I can have it rescheduled for delivery next week if you'd like? Hell no, bring one of those puppies out now I will take it with me. Tony, I have serious doubts Lowes could deliver a pizza let alone an appliance correctly I said. Onto the flat bed it went along with me. Thanking him I left.

Into the back of my SUV and away I went. Now all I have to do is sober up my plumber for the install. Lowes- Home Depot they both suck. You are given the illusion of choice. We have no choice. A blue store or an orange store. Very soon it will be just the red communist state store the way we are headed. Cheers!

The Chief Nose Wetter


C. S. P. Schofield said...

This is why my day and I have gotten our appliances from a small, local business since we moved to the area in 1998. We may pay a little more (I think we checked once, and it amounted to less than 10%, but that may be wishful thinking), but they turn up when they say they will, they do what they say they will do, and their store doesn't echo like an aircraft hanger hosting a jackhammer convention, the way Big Box stores do.

Keith said...

I worked part time at Lowe's a couple years ago. The computer terminals for employees to do ANYTHING, were still running basic DOS software from like 30 years ago. I know Lowe's pulls a stunt I share with whoever. Example: You want a name brand kitchen faucet. Drive to Lowe's. The store has name brand kitchen faucet you like priced at $300. If I go to a plumbing supply store, same faucet is $150. Plumbing supply store still makes a profit. Lowe's takes low end name brand products and presents an illusion because it's $300, that your getting a top shelf name brand product. I'm sure all of the big box stores are the same. I recently had a ship to store order sent to my local Home Depot. Plumbing adapter from a garden hose spigot to a PEX water line. Ten will fit in your pocket. Took them 9 days. From Atlanta to a location near Toledo...2 days. Sat in Toledo for 5 days. Got my text it was ready for pickup 2 days later. Both companies have a lot of room for improvement.

Kid said...

Lowes is unique in their ability to avoid you. I'll have a question and see a Lowes employee 15 feet away at the end of an aisle. By the time I get there, that sucker is gone and can't even be seen. It's like they repel magnetically.
Home Depot employees eagerly try to help you.
Unfortunately, HD has much worse quality Chinese crap than Lowes does. Combine Lowes higher quality Chinese crap with HD employees and you'd have a winner.

ruralcounsel said...

I think a lot of the Home Depot/Lowes outsource their delivery work. I've had really miserable experiences, and a couple really good ones. It all depends on the store and who they outsource to.