Monday, November 23, 2020

Hunter's Crack Pipe

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Rickvid in Seattle said...

Story told to me by a guy who was there about a burning 747.

A '47 from Saudia Airlines, the only airline allowed to commercially fly into Saudi Arabia for the Haj, called a mayday due to a cabin fire. Seems a passenger decided to cook something by building a fire in the cabin on the floor. No shit!

Well, things got bad fast. The crew declared an emergency and asked priority landing at Riyad. It was granted and the airplane came in hot with smoke filling the cabin, people dying, and fire everywhere. As the plane touched down and roared down the runway toward emergency vehicles, it suddenly was ordered to turn off the runway, away from the emergency crews and allow the king's specially built, gold bathtubbed, special escalator to carry his scrawny ass down to the ground on a small throne, 747 to take off without delay. Many people died.

The airplane was left beside the runway. Some time later, a 747 could not take off due to mechanical issues. The locals did not know how to deal with it and called a lil' ol' airplane maker hereabouts to send help. They did and the crew went to the hulk 747 to scavenge parts. One guy went into the hold, the rest of the folks went into the cabin. A moment later the guy in the hold started screaming bloody murder. They ran down and there he was on the floor screaming and pointing at a small bundle. It was the desiccated body of a small baby still wrapped in a blanket. It had fallen out of the ceiling right on top of him. Cicilized floks.