Saturday, November 21, 2020

A Hunter Has An Amazing Experience


Anonymous said...

This guy "Steve" has been posting videos related to the existence of large humanoids in North America for quite a while. He has apparently become the YT Go-To Guy for all things Sasquatch and he has some great stories of his own and from others that he reads on his posts and, I believe he may have also written a book or two on these creatures.

Even so, it has been my experience that the world has more snake oil salesmen living in it than there are demons in San Francisco and while I believe that he is sincere and I'd love to hunt with him, I'm just not sure that I buy the stories that he says are true. None the less, they're interesting and thought provoking.

People have these stories but as far as I am aware, NO ONE HAS EVER dragged one of these creatures out of the woods for some good, clear photos or videos and all of that, despite the fact that everyone who has a cell phone also has a still and a video camera in their hand.

The thing that I like about Steve is that he doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks of the veracity of these stories. He's a man's man and I enjoy that about him, but....I'd still like to see some scientific and visual data to confirm all of these far out tales.

Phil said...

Fuck me, Yacolt is 20 minutes North of me.