Saturday, October 24, 2020

Winn Dixie


Not a day goes by without something happening that truly shows how dumb some Americans are. With the fridge looking a little bare I headed off to the local Winn Dixie to resupply. Hitting the deli counter I decided to buy some cold cuts. After ordering a pound of turkey I browsed the deli case. The young gal behind the counter sliced my turkey and put it on the scale. The scale read .96 of a pound. I watched her return to the slicer, then one, two, three, four additional slices were cut. She put the new slices on the scale at guess what? 1.2 pounds. Now the Chief Nose Wetter will never bitch about a couple extra slices of turkey but that is not the point. The lack of basic math skills in this country truly amazes me. The gal said " Sir I am a little over is that OK? I resonded " That's fine honey not a problem. Next week we will work on shapes and colors". As she looked at me with a puzzled stare I said " enjoy your day, thank you". Returning home I ran into a local resident in my building and asked her a question. Liz, if you were working the deli counter and slicing turkey and the scale read .96 of a pound, just how many slices would you add? Without blinking an eye she said 4? Are you shitting me? I told her thanks and that she would excel at Winn Dixie with her outstanding mathematical skill sets. She looked at me with a puzzled stare as well. Seems nearly everyone is looking at the Chief Nose Wetter with a puzzled stare these days....


bocopro said...

Worst one I ever ran into was at a KFC place a few years ago.

My family and some other relatives had assembled to visit my mother in her declining years. I was appointed to go get a buncha chow from the KFC out on S/R 32.

When I went in, there was one girl behind the counter, and my car was the only one in the customer parking lot. I was alone.

I ordered 2 buckets of chicken, about half a dozen pots of slaw, several smashed tater containers, and a dozen deserts.

B'lieve it or not, the girl looked at me and said, "Will that be to go?"

bogsidebunny said...

Try giving a young clerk 4 quarters, 2 dimes and 3 pennies for the charge of $1.23 on the register and they'll enter a mental la-la land. I do it just for fun, but then again I'm retired with a lot of time on my hands.

Justin_O_Guy said...

Throttle return spring broke on the Mack 18 wheeler, West Texas, just as I passed Miniskirt Junction, a burger joint of note, because there wasn't anything for miles in any direction. Hiked back a hundred yards and went in, eyeballing the spring on the screen door. Got inside, lady asks what I need,, and I told her,, Truck is broke down, I'm stuck, till I can get a spring,, can I buy the one on your screen door?

Errm, noo, shesayz,,
I shrugged, and ordered a burger, and fries, and drink,,
She asks

Is that for here or to go?

I eventually got that spring, for three bucks, and I always carried tools, and a fence lost some wire, and I didn't Hafta call the boss .

FishStyx said...

I work "Pre-Sales DataCenter Engineering".
(In English: I build out bills-of-materials and answer technical requests pertaining to servers and data storage hardware. I'm a "parts guy", if you will. A "quote monkey".).
Last week, one of our "Solutions Architects" emails me.
(In English: He helps clients design out their datacenters based on everything from servers and storage to networking gear and software. Supposedly, VERY bright guys.)
He asks, what direction is the airflow for a bunch of specific servers and can I provide documentation?
This can be an important question regarding network switches, but for servers...not so much.
Anyone who has ever dealt with a server (or a desktop PC) knows that air flows in the front and out the back.
Ok. I'll bite.
I spend half an hour trying to find somewhere in writing where it states this generally understood concept.
I find it and email the relevant docs and passages to him. "Airflow is front-to-rear."
An hour later; this man with 20+ years "experience" and better than 3 times my paycheck responds with...

"What do they mean by "front"?"

Never assume that someone with a fancy title, in a field you may not be familiar with, has ANY sort of clue as to what they're doing.

Trib said...

I always thought young people at the deli did that on every purchase by going over a lb. I figured it was their game of getting as much money out of you they can. Like selling tomatoes on a vine. 2nd example, Restaurant loss power and there was no battery calculator. This old man stood by the cashier and told her how much change to give and in what denomination.

T Town said...

I bought a gallon of milk that came to $4.04. I placed a five dollar bill on the counter, and before I could dig the 4 pennies out of my pocket, the kid hit the button on the register for $5. The register, of course, told him he was supposed to give me 96 cents back as change, but the 4 pennies confused him. He started pawing at the quarters, and paused trying to figure out how much change he was supposed to give me. I growled, "Just give me a dollar", which he did. I took the dollar, and the gallon of milk and walked out the door.

Anonymous said...

Products of our public school system. Just keep passing them whether they know and understand the material or not 'cause we wouldn't want the wittle dears feewings to be hurt. Sigh.


Ogrrre said...

Aaannnd they think they're worth $15 an hour. SMH

Anonymous said...

Friday afternoon, I ordered 2 Whoppers, and the total was $5.38. Not having a five, I gave the cashier a ten, along with a quarter, a dime, and three pennies. After a suspiciously-long wait, the window opened; I was handed four $1 bills. The cashier was about to hand me some change when I said "There are only four ones here. I thought it was $5.38". He said, "It was. You gave me $10.38, so the change is $4.98".
I made him give me another one and went home. I had wanted to make another stop, but I realized that if I ran across any more idiocy I'd probably shoot somebody to let the stupid out. It was better that I just go home.
--Tennessee Budd

jsfury said...