Saturday, October 24, 2020

Arrested Antifa Karen Is Suffering From Mental Illness


Unclezip said...

I love watching people like that. I wait until they finish, then yell "What the hell did you just say?"

Take off the damned mask, Karen.

Rick said...

Obviously she believes in what she's saying. Therefore, do not discount her. However, the tell is when they have to say what they are doing is right. If it were right, the actions would speak for themselves. She's a weak minded person sucked into the 'brotherhood of justice', a real loon. But people like her are still able to shoot your ass dead. If she wants to play enemy combatant she'll be treated as such.

See how she conflates 'backing the badge' as support of rogue officers? Whether she realizes it or not that is propaganda. It tells me that someone else scripted at least some of her words. But her emotion is real. People are sometimes willing to die to defend their emotions. But she's just the stool to add credence to the cause.