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Monday, January 27, 2020

REAL FOOTAGE: Kobe Bryant's Helicopter Crash


Matthew said...



ALL news I've read describe fog or low visibility, also read that air traffic radar indicated that they were travelling at over 150 mph just prior to the crash.

Local residents are quoted as saying they could only hear it because the fog was so dense.

Photos of Kobe with his aircraft show it with a dark colored pattern, not white.

Highly skeptical of this "real footage".

Anonymous said...

False. Kobe's helicopter was dark blue or black. The copter in the video is white.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

correct- Kobe's chopper was black and the wreckage appears to be a white and blue bird. Did he not use his own chopper yesterday?

Matthew said...

Color is just one facet that doesn't jibe with everything else I've read about the crash.

I've seen photos of the aircraft with the N72EX, the one that crashed, with a dark colored pattern paint job. But that's just strike one.

The video shows no fog, visibility was so bad that the County and LA Police had grounded their aircraft, Strike two.

Flightradar24 has data on the flight indicating a ground speed of about 160 mph and descending at about 4,000 feet per minute, the video shows a helicopter falling out of control pretty much straight down, Strike three.

So I'm just highly skeptical that's all.