Thursday, December 31, 2020

Go To Bed The Ball Already Dropped


Vaccine Protection


Some Cameltoe For Y'all


There's a Storm a Brewin'


Dawn Wells Has Passed: R.I.P. Maryanne

Lunch Chuckle


Now You Know


2020 Wrap Up


Sign of The Times


A Liberal Illness More Dangerous Than Covid




Adios 2020


Nuff Said


Trying To Keep Ahead of Communism


As The Stimulus Checks Go Out




Wednesday, December 30, 2020

I Guess The Pet Vax Got Rolled Out Too


Joe Biden Is a Laughing Stock



Mayor de Blasio Hosts Kwanzaa Pathetic Celebration


Gavin Newsom's New Years Message for California

Children of the Great Reset

She Would Put Me On a Ventilator Faster Than Covid


The Chief Nose Wetter Needs Your Advice


Any experts on bicycles out there? I am looking to buy a new happy hour cruiser bike. The Chief is a 6'2" 300 pounder needing a sturdy ride. The local bike shops in south FL are nearly sold out on stock. Everything is on backorder due to the Covid bullshit.

I was checking out the Chief by Firmstrong below...

And it already has my name on it. How about that!

Any advice on bikes for big and tall men is appreciated.

Anyone have a good used bike to sell?

No Free Riders Visiting This Blog


Senile Buffoon




A Glimpse Back At The Pre-Snowflake Age

Please Don't Forget Your Vaccination

The Official Anthem of The Cough19 Vaccination

Lost In Translation


 Out running a couple errands I figured I'd stop and pick up a pack of smokes. I decided to stop in my local Hindu run convenience store instead of WAWA. As the gentlemen approached the counter I said let me have a pack of American Spirit gold please. Glancing to the left I saw a crock pot on the counter. I then asked "what are you cooking for lunch over there, a cure for Covid?"

Boiled penis was his response. Boiled penis? What the hell kind of sick twisted crap is that? Boiled penis, boiled penis, many people like it he tells me over and over shouting through plexiglass and double masks. Must be a Hollywood pedo favorite I am thinking or maybe he was the personal chef for Gandhi. I have seen some sick crap on the rollers at 7-11 over the years but this takes the cake. Those turd hot dog logs resembling a constipated bowel movement always made me gag at the sight of them. But that's another post.

Show me what they look like buddy. He raised the lid off the crock pot and this is what greeted me...

Peanuts? You mean peanuts? Would you like to try some I was asked? No thank you I do not like boiled peanuts. Take that pot to the zoo I told him. Hindus are hard enough to understand without masks and plexiglass. Welcome to the new abnormal. 

The Chief Nose Wetter

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Triggered Snowflake

The Turtle Man

Fireball Over West Virginia On 12/27

Maybe Santa is just burned out....

No Argument Here


Debt Never Looked Better


Highway To Jail

Happy New Year!


Good Luck


How Thoughtful


This Just In


Just Obey Sheeple


Sign of The Times




Monday, December 28, 2020

Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape (Fifth Angle)

Erection Overruled


Hat tip to Paul!

Erectile Dysfunction


My Kind of Stimulus Czech


No Thanks


Chump Change


Sheeple In Line At Costco In CA

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