Thursday, February 20, 2020

Cookies & Cream

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Testifies He Has No Testicles & A Vagina

Wait For It

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Celebrating Black History Month

Last Night's Democratic Debate Observation

A contest to see who can be the most like this guy!

The Liberal View

Mere Pocket Change For Him

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Highlights From The Democratic Debate

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dem Little Climate Fraudsters

Hell No

Evening Chuckle

High Risk

Father Nelson

Building That Corona Wall

The Most Qualified Democratic Candidate Out There

Why People Are Leaving NJ in Droves?

The Libturdiest of Them All

Talk About a Fluke

Not Going To Happen

English Would Be Nostalgic

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

My Personal Confession

This is a very,very personal experience of mine and is close to my heart.
I feel grateful to share this story with all of my friends.

After living a life of debauchery for over 56 years I was riddled this past Sunday with self-guilt. As I pondered over my years of partying, drugs, and meaningless relationships my gut began to churn. I slipped into by well worn boat shoes and headed to St. Mary's Catholic Church in my home town. I needed someone to discuss all of the negative issues that existed in my life. It has been well over 10 years since I was in a confession booth and today would be the day. Father Jacob was a sincere old priest with compassion and a sincere ear. I climbed the old stone steps and pulled on the heavy oak entry door which has seen well over two centuries of sins. The stained glass windows cast a holy light over the inside of the church as a I headed to the confession booth. I opened the confession booth and sat down on the ornate hand-carved seat. My entire life flashed before my eyes at that moment as I contemplated all of the shortcomings in it. A moment later father Jacob slid open the door and said hello my son. My heart began to race as my entire body began to sweat uncontrollably.

I said OK father you can go first....I am off to happy hour......

Late Night Epiphany

The Chief Nose Wetter likes his martinis just like his women......


When You Realize You Were a Catholic Altar Boy & A Boy Scout And Didn't Get Molested

Celebrating Black History Month

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Today's Public Service Announcement

Sunday, February 16, 2020


I Can't Call It

Jersey Is a Jungle Kids

Stand Tall

Celebrating Black History Month

Forget The Cracker Polly

The Wrong Brothers

The Marxists Have Invaded West Point

If you are a good, committed cultural Marxist and your mission is to help dismantle the cultural, economic, and power structures in the capitalist West from within, how do you undertake such a grand task? How do you subvert an entire civilization? You undermine its foundations, and the most basic building block of all is the nuclear family. To deconstruct the family successfully, you must subvert masculinity, because masculinity is the warrior spirit of that nuclear family. To emasculate a civilization, you indoctrinate its youth to believe that the natural traits typically associated with masculinity – such as aggression, competitiveness, and emotional self-control – are poisonous to society and even to boys and men themselves. You convince men – especially society’s warriors – to reject their very nature altogether.   FULL STORY>>>

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What Happens When You Question The Official State Narrative

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When will this evil hag just disappear for good...Damn it....


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