Thursday, November 14, 2019

PROOF: 5G and LED Lights are "LETHAL" Weapon Systems

Can any of you tech people out there confirm or debunk this? 


Anonymous said...

Electronic tech since 1964. 43 years in government research labs. amateur radio operator since 1987.

silliest shit I ever heard. ranks right up there with Scientology, Mormon, and the John Frum Cargo Cult.

he claims it's a "wippun" so kill something with it.

Anonymous said...

5G is actually a full blown "microwave" element. Imagine being inside of your microwave at home, but walking underneath it, using the LED light alone with it. You're frying your blood cells and cells in general just being near it. ALL 5G hardware works like this - the green "antenna" is the major problem which heats up for usage. Cell phones are another amazing example of this 5G tech which literally breaks down cells, making them useless in the body.

motley said...

If someone does confirm/debunk his ... please include a follow-up. Thanks

Wollfe said...

Military commo Tech Late 80's, Motorola and Samsung cell phone tech in the 2000's

Complete and utter bunk. The "Green Antenna" is a common PCB etched antenna, the higher the freq the smaller the antenna, a wire small enough for 5G needs support, therefor you print it. By the way most cell phone antennas are either chip grown or printed.
The 450V cap is a pretty standard size capacitor for power filtering and for industrial LED driver boards, you will even find them inside stop lights. And its not the Voltage of the capacitor that maters its the farad rating, that little 450V cap will only tickle compared to some car amplifier capacitors that are only 20V but at 16 farad will mess you up

I have examined one of these lights, it was a sensor operated light not a 5G light and the components are the same except for the antenna/receiver. These light work off of either 110V or 220V depending, that's why the wiring is so heavy inside.

Anonymous said...

The 450V capacitor is a bulk capacitance that is required for filtering when you rectify AC. The 450V spec is required by the need to support a supply voltage of 265VAC. These lights are required to operate from about 95 VAC up to 265 VAC, known in the solid state lighting industry as 'universal AC'. No weaponry here.

The black cube looking thing on the main circuit board is a transformer. The light manufacturer is taking the 'universal AC', rectifying it, filtering it, transforming it with a switch mode power supply which then provides a fairly clean and stable 5, 12, 24 or whatever DC voltage their design required. They can run ambient light sensors, traffic cams, weather cams and security cams from this light. The radio network allows for real time trouble shooting and lighting control down to individual lights. These features and more are great power saving and repair tools.

The real hobgoblin here is the surveillance capabilities that this radio networked smart light can provide. On board cameras, microphones and facial recognition are possible.

I don't know enough about 5G to calm or alarm in that area.

All my best,

Whoopie said...

This wanker is off his meds. The "laser weapon LEDs" are just COB (chip on board) LEDs where a blue LED excites a yellow phosphor that then emits bright white light. He clearly doesn't know jack squat about electronics.

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said, above. Its a switch-mode DC supply for the LED lights. Not sure what the official purpose of the black box is, but it's WiFi frequency device, so anything is possible.
Control, troubleshooting, add-on spy cameras, WiFi sniffing. Likely Chinese built (isn't everything?).

Power distribution is likely way higher voltage than 95-240 VAC, cuz it's bulk industrial/commercial, not domestic power.

There have already been stories and pictures elsewhere of camera-equipped street lights, but no sign of it here(zerohedge, et al). No sign of a camera here, with what we were shown.

The guy is as out to lunch as the the anti-gun crazies with his weaponized light bullshit.

Dead Messenger said...

LEDs are bad for your health. No infrared. You'll note that since the advent of LED monitors, TVs and bulbs macular degeneration has become a common thing. Didn't used to be. Not to mention several other detrimental affects.