Saturday, July 27, 2019

What Goes Around Comes Around


Retired cop said...

LOL! If only...a whole lot of people's attitudes would change in a heatbeat! I'm sure some will comment behind me to say they don't need the police. You never do till you need them badly.

Anonymous White Male said...

Should have said, "Best of f*ck to you, sir!"

Chris Mallory said...

Cool, I will gladly give up government protection. Can I now quit paying the taxes that support their bloated paychecks, platinum pensions, early retirements and gravy train benefits?

I have never needed a cop and unless I want my dog shot, children molested, and wife abused I will never call a cop. A more useless class of snowflakes does not walk the US today. We need to send every cop a case of Massengill so they can get the sand out of their vaginas.