Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Throughout All Religions


Doom said...

Yep. Which is why allowing priests to marry will do no good. Most churches have broken because the clerics are all vulnerable. Episcopalian to Baptist (whichever one) to Lutheran to Catholic... when they aren't diddling other people's spouses, gay or straight, they hit the children. And Satanism? Yeah, go figure. I'll keep my faith, being careful about involvement with any church or priest my faith offers. And they call me a devil? Well, there might be a point... or two. But a devil obedient to God is... better. It's the pot calling the stainless black.

Glen Filthie said...

A few thoughts, Chief:

- how many of these accusations are bullshit? You can get charged with rape now for breaking up with your girlfriend or winking at a kid.

- look at the distribution of victims: the majority in flyover country and only a few in California? Let’s face reality - there are more perverts in SAN Francisco than in the rest of the country combined.

- the church is also infested with queers and SJW’s. False accusations is a cornerstone of their virtue signalling.

I know the church has a problem. But so do the schools, the Boy Scouts, minor baseball and hockey etc. What’s going on at the church is probably a fraction of what is going on at various children’s organizations.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

@ Glen. I went to a Catholic High School in NJ. After graduation I learned of 3 former Priests and Brothers CONVICTED of child molestation. I know of former classmates personally that were sexually abused. The problem is rampant. The church just sends them to another location when there is a problem. They prey on the weak just like a lion stalking it's prey.

bogsidebunny said...

Jeez Chief,

I hope it wasn't Bergen Catholic in Paramus.

Chief Nose Wetter said...

No it was not Bergen Catholic. Good thing I always walked tall and carried a can of Priest repellent.

Richard Watson said...

Utah should have been the tip off;

Glenn Leroy Pace (March 21, 1940 – May 16, 2017) was a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) from 1985 until his death. As a general authority, he served as a counselor in the presiding bishopric and also in the First Quorum of Seventy. In 2010, he was designated an emeritus general authority.