Tuesday, February 12, 2019

RED ALERT - MUST SHARE!! Our New Jersey Brothers & Sisters Need OUR HELP!!

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bogsidebunny said...

I was born and lived many years in this current shit-hole. In the 1950s when I was in high school it was a magnificent place to live. We had lettuce and celery farms just a mile from my Bergen country house and we could catch a bus into Manhattan for a cheap 45 minute ride to the bus terminal then located at 176th street. I worked in the state until the 1990s when I saw the slide beginning. I bailed out to the South to what was then a great Conservative Republican run state (NC). Little did I know then that within 25 years loads of the Liberal assholes NJ, NY & Conn. residents would follow in my footsteps. Now, even a great State of the former Confederacy is on the brink of falling into the Socialist abyss.