Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Chaos To Come

Every institution in society now rewards evil, perversion, destruction and stupidity while punishing intelligence, rationality, innovation and morality. A society that celebrates the mass murder of unborn children while demonizing Christian bakers is a society that has no future. A society that finds knowledge despicable but lies fascinating and viral is a society that has no future. A society that poisons its children for profit with Big Pharma drugs while teaching them that gender biology doesn’t exist is a society that has no future.  Read More>>>

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capt fast said...

i call chicago the moral prototype of the new america. democrat control for over a century. draconian gun control. highest taxes ever. this is where america is headed. and now this chicago news recap for 2018: of 2961 people gunshot of which: of 2466 wounded by gunshot of 495 killed by gunshot
4.the PD only killed 2 by gunshot killed every day by gunshot in december
6.$164,502,000.00 total cost of mayhem
this is in a city wherein one needs a permit to just look at a weapon in a gunshop.