Monday, November 26, 2018

Rights are not Gifts from Government

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Doom said...

He's full of shit. While true, rights are not granted by governments, they also aren't decided by or purely enforced by the people. In America, if there is no God (of Abraham), Holy Spirit, and Christ, then the government is false and there are no rights. Even then, having rights requires exercise. How many of you exercise your rights extrajudicially? Not a hypothetical. If there is no God, there are no rights. And if the government and people can't work together, one or both will be destroyed. Hopefully it would be the government to break, but too many people have become too weak. Either way, a lot of people would die.

The second amendment isn't what it seems. It is codifying the right to obtain the means for defending other rights, namely life, liberty and the pursit of happiness (the latter is considered to mean property rights). Firearms are really considered a means to an end. Those against that right simply wish to be able to steal, through bureaucracy or thuggery, without risk. Usually Democrats, but there are a lot of Romneys out there.