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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Slaves of the State and of Political Correctness

One of our greatest tragedies in today’s Western societies is that we think we are free when in fact we aren’t. Indeed, our era is witness to a gradual decline in personal liberties, as shocking as it is subtle, which has run parallel to the worrying rise in political power.
Power is the ability of an individual to impose his will on others through a system of rewards and punishments to which others are vulnerable. The powerful does not feel constrained by the rules that regulate the behavior of others, but redefines good and evil at his convenience and tends to deify himself. To command and to be obeyed becomes a drug that demands ever greater doses – that’s why all power naturally tends to grow and to abuse. In fact, the power-junkie is uncomfortable with any rule that might limit him, since the summum of power is total arbitrariness.  Read More>>>

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