Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Nuff Said


Jeffery in Alabama said...

Double check to see if a round is chambered and then put the pedal to the metal.

Anonymous said...

I was delivering in South central the day before,dispatcher asked what I would have done.Told her I would have emptied my 45. She said she didn't hear that.She never asked me again.

skybill said...

Hi Chief,
'What Jeffery and "Any-mouse" said!!

I was living in So.Cal. back then.... 'Working for 'Scurvyirvin Aerospace!!.. 3030 West Warner av. .. right next to "US DIVERS!!!" anyhoo.. got to my pad in Costa Mesa and flipped on the TV... Then the shit hit the fan!! Channel 4,5,7 and more telecopters were everywhere... Seems like "Florence and Normandy" av. was the "FLASH POINT!!' Copter cam on some dude comes out of a liquor store with a case of bottle beer and starts pitching the at cars going by!! Oh Yes the Reginald Denny beating was not "TELEVISED!!!" ,,,, NO! "IT WAS 'L-I-V-E-!!!!!'"

"Stacy Koon with a bat,
gave Rodney King 40 wacks,
but, before he was thru,
his padner' gave him 42!!!!!!!"
Dumbshits, the guy on the balcony across the steet,
got it all on tape... meanwhile... the "Beat"...
goes on.

It ain't over till the "Fat Lady Sings!!!!!!!"