Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael

Best of luck to all the people that live in the Florida panhandle region that did not evac. This hurricane Michael looks like it is going to hit as a CAT 3. The people that live in the panhandle region are of hearty stock that know how to handle adversity. Hopefully the storm will not be as severe as the Weather Channel is pumping it up to be. I will raise my glass to y'all at happy hour on Wednesday.

Stay safe

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Jeffery in Alabama said...

It was a fast mover. Michael came onshore at 155 m.p.h. That is just two m.p.h. shy of being categorized as 5. That is the most powerful hurricane on record to strike PCB according to reports. So far, news agencies have been showing what they can access. Reports indicate he was still "tearing up Hell" across the panhandle, SE Alabama, and into GA. I'm sure we will know tomorrow. Good luck and Godspeed to all down that way.